Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DC Tidbits & Sad News

Hi Everyone, well as you may have guessed, I have failed at my New Year's Resolution to blog more....hahahaha Sorry, but NY resolutions were meant to be broken.

A little DC news: the Early Dawn (Capt. Rick Fehst) pulled out of Dutch headed towards to Opie grounds...let's wish him luck...and the Fierce Alliegance is expected to follow this afternoon. I took some photos of the NW and the Maverick, but are unsure if they have left town or not. I attempted to post said photos, but you know how that goes. I heard the ice around St. Paul has come down really far and that the Opie boats will have a hard time offloading there, so I will keep you posted on that...I think the boats may end up offloading here in Dutch, then possibly having the crew head home and coming to fish the rest of the quota when the ice slows down...That's just my observation??? I just pray for their safety.

Sad news....The F/V Seabrooke lost a crewman outside of Cold Bay yesterday, apparently his foot got caught in a crab pot line (they were fishing for Tanner Crabs), and he got hurled overboard...they have yet to recover his body. His name is Moose and he will be missed (I didn't know him personally, but have spoken to some of his friends). Say a prayer for his family. And that his body will be found.

Attached (hopefully) to this post is a photo of my honey driving one of the FCA Trawlers from one dock to another. Awwwww! (Pic won't upload, will try to post later).

Happy New Year again Everyone! Cheers!

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  1. Thanks for the DC update Lauri. I didn't know that the guys from the NW are already up in Dutch - have you seen them? Latest I heard was that they were leaving home on or around the 8th (today). Heard about the bad ice on the fishing grounds and am praying that the fleet is safe! Thanks for keeping us posted.