Friday, February 26, 2010


OMG, I officially resigned from the Unalaska Public Library yesterday, after an appointment with a pulmonologist here on Bainbridge Island. I am so sad to think I won't be returning to the place I called home for the last 11 years.

Dutch Harbor will always be special to me. I already miss the scenery, especially the eagles and foxes. Not to mention my precious dog, Elmo. He has elected to stay in Dutch Harbor with his cousins, Eider and with my sister Sherrie and BFF Jan. I can't thank them enough for taking such good care of him. My heart aches for him.

I will be back to visit soon, probably in March or April as my husband is out fishing on the Bering Sea and I hope to be there to greet him when the season is over. We will then begin building our life together here in Washington.

Perhaps when I get my S*&^ together, I will blog about life on another "rock"....this one, complete with trees.

Cheers! Lauri

Monday, February 8, 2010

South Butt

North Face is suing the maker of these......better get one while you can!!!