Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Watching You

This guy was on my truck, daring me to get in! I waited until he left, before I got in....can you see why?


  1. Those vultures are everywhere today! I know how you feel though, before I moved way out in the valley I parked next to a dumpster! OMG they'd be all over it and my vehicle, especially when there was a bunch of salmon carcasses or crab shells in the garbage...great pic!

    Hey...we need more Jag :) season 7, 8?? I'll bring mine back late and contribute to the coffers!

  2. Your pics and blogs are wonderful additions to my Midwestern winter pneumonia recovery days. Please keep up the great work.CJ/Carole

  3. Okay, cookie dough, I'll see if I can hook you up with more JAG! You are an addict, you know that, right? :)

    CJ...Pneumonia? Yikes...I've been there and feel your pain. Take care of yourself! Get better soon.

  4. DVD addict, yes I am one of the the worst addicts in town I am guessing, I think I've seen over 150 series --so far and there are is my pile of 40 not-yet watched at home plus all of yours too, there are a couple that I haven't finished the last West Wing, a couple years Charmed, numbers is always gone....

  5. Dear Lauri,

    My Google alerts on the Alaska Ranger led me to your blog. I'm a writer and am working on a book about the Ranger sinking and Coast Guard search and rescue in Alaska. Is captain Scott Krey your fiancee? I've been wanting to talk with him about his role in the rescue. Perhaps you could pass on my information? 718-930-9891 or kalee.thompson@gmail.com.
    I enjoyed your pictures of Dutch Harbor! Thanks, Kalee

  6. Wow, Lauri - a book. Keep us posted on that - would love to read it!