Friday, January 23, 2009

Okay, I'm back

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted...the fiance is gone fishing sad, so I have more time on my hands...I'm trying to get back in shape and lose some of the weight gained having him home every night, eating, drinking and being merry like there's no tomorrow. On a bright note, HE gained 20 pounds, doncha love it when men gain weight?

So, I took my dogs up Ballyhoo last night for a hike up to "the balls"...of course I couldn't make it all the way up there, since I fell on my knee not even halfway up. It really wasn't my fault, as there were rocks, covered in slush, all the while water rushing over said rocks and would be hard for ANYONE to stay upright in those my walking partner Kathleen, was wearing her ear phones, and didn't hear me scream out for help. Elmo (my dog) was laughing (I swear he was) at me, as he skipped by....I know I saw him slip on the ice too. What comes around goes around, Elmo! Besides all that drama, it was a beautiful night, softly snowing, calm and relatively warm.


  1. Is Elmo a Golden? He's beautiful. Great pics!

  2. No, Lori...he'd like to think he was a Golden, he's part Husky, part Chow and a bunch of other stuff...He's quite a riot! I rescued him in Los Angeles about 12 years ago....