Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peaceful co-existence, my ass!

About a week ago, my fiance, Scott got to come home for a few hours (I picked him up at the dock at 10PM...and had to have him back at about 1AM)....the elephants upstairs chose that night to get drunk and beat the shit out of each other....they were screaming, bashing into walls, their 2 year old was crying and yelling her head off....I picked up the phone to call the police, and Scott stopped me. The last thing he wanted to do with our short time together was deal with drunken neighbors and police statements, etc. I finally relented and banged on the ceiling a few times with the broom handle. That didn't stop them. I was furious to say the least. They were still at it by the time I returned from dropping Scott off back at his boat. I assume they slept all day (while I went to work, exhausted....) Since they slept all day, it's only natural that they would be up all night that night banging around....I finally called them and asked them to shut the hell (not that nice of a word :) up....they quieted down for a bit....but not completely. Strawberry Hill, LLC recently purchased this apartment building from FTS (Factory Trawler Service) and the office manager visited Dutch Harbor, and she came by my apartment. I told her (again) about the problems with my upstairs neighbors...she, in turn told me that she had spoken with them and told them it is everyone's right to enjoy a "peaceful co-existence"...I whole-heartedly agree....I'm pretty peaceful and quiet.....just ask my neighbors.

Well, I haven't been feeling too good, so I went to the clinic today and was diagnosed with severe bronchitis (luckily not pneumonia) and have to stay home for a couple of days to rest and recuperate....NOT possible with these people living upstairs, even after running into the "mom" outside, and telling her that I would be home for the next couple of days and perhaps she could explain to her daughter and b/f, that they have a sick neighbor, so they need to be quiet. Well, the fact that I'm up blogging at 1:30AM should tell you how that worked.

Anyone know of any apartments for rent on the Dutch side?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Library Story

I have been trying to upload photos of my sister Sherrie's 50th b-day party...but can't upload from here (big surprise) so.....

When I first started working at the library, it was housed in the Burma Rd. chapel...nice building but very small....anyway, upstairs is where the paperback exchange shelves were located....a little boy, probably about 7 years old went upstairs and was just bosses office was around the corner at the bottom of the stairs....well this little boy had a handful of books (some hardcover, some paperbacks)...he proceeded to throw them down the bounced and landed just outside Dan's office...he was NOT happy....he read this kid the riot act about how and how not to treat books! That little boy was scared, you could see it in his eyes! I bet you anything, he has treated books with the utmost respect from that point forward. As everyone should......I called the library (today is my day off) and told my co-worker to write this particular patron's name down, and to place a ban on his library account.....thanks for bringing this to light, CB! It's hard enough to keep a good selection of material in the library (alot of things are stolen, believe it or not)'s people like CB that restore faith in human beings.........

Stay tuned for some really fun photos of the birthday party.....Have a great Monday everyone!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Warrior at the Tramper

APL container ship....I'm amazed at how big these ships are....
There's my Captain hooked up to the Tramper! Yay, cell phone range :)

Warrior offloading it's catch to the Tramper "Sohoh".....look at all the ice on the Warrior...Scott said his crew has been pounding ice all day! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Are you HAPPY now, CB?

This is what I want the weather to be doing.

It's all CB's fault that our spring weather has sprung back into WINTER! I'm happy you got your wish, CB...but let's warm it up a little, k? Thanks!
Saturday night was a BLAST....Tawnja and I had planned all week to go to the airport for drinks and pulltabs...We donated ALOT to that pulltab benefits the local Lions Club, so we didn't mind losing that much. Okay, I'm lying, we were pissed! LOL I know, I know, that's why it's called gambling....after losing our money and having a few drinks...we decided to grab a cab and head over to the Unisea....had a fantastic time.....hobnobbing with the Unalaska bloggers, drinking duck farts (which I had no business drinking, I was already "gone")....but they were delicious...just ask CD...It was great seeing Martha again....I almost didn't remember her! Russell from the Time Bandit was there, I had no idea he is no longer on the TB, now a deckhand on the Wizard! Hmmmmm, I know there's a story behind that....and Crosby and Lynn....what nice guys they are!

So, my wonderful fiance is at the Tramper now (in cell phone range YAY)....offloading his fish and should be at the dock at 8PM....I get to kidnap him and take him home for about 3 hours...hmmmmm whatever will we do with that time...I'm sure we'll come up with something. I can't wait to see him. I love it when he is in cell range....that way, every little thing I can think of to call him, I do! Oh, the little things in life :) I'm going to take a drive out there in a little bit and try to snap some photos of the Warrior tied up to the tramper....I'll post them if I am successful...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fox photo for Lori

Here is my fox....I was eating my leftover lunch from yesterday (1/2 of a turkey/tortilla wrap) when I noticed fox eyeballs on me. I grabbed my camera and cut up 1/2 of MY 1/2 and threw it out for him.....FINALLY I got a not-too-blurry photo....isn't he cute?

Graffiti - Dutch Harbor Style

Here are some random photos taken over the last year or so....see, we have graffiti here too...I saw telltale signs of Elmo having had a spray paint can in his paw...but he swears it wasn't him!
The last photo is taken from Ballyhoo looking down upon the airport.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making S**T Up

One of my favorite photos of Elmo....what a sweetheart!

I know I haven't posted in a week or so...cookie stopped by the library today and mentioned it. I told her nothing was going on, I have nothing to talk about...she said "make something up". I could make a whole lot of stuff up....but don't have the energy. I was sick for a couple of days last week...still had to come to work though. I came in at 9am on Saturday....I was back home in bed by 9:45am that day! I didn't feel horrible, just under the weather, but I knew if I didn't take care of myself I would regret it. So I feel alot better now...
My husband to be got to come home on Sunday night for about 3 hours, we made the most of that little bit of time (wink wink) ;)....then back to the boat for's soooo sad leaving the dock when the boat is still tied up, knowing he is sooo close, yet, he may as well be a million miles away. He should be in about every 10-12 days...and if it's timed right, I'll get to kidnap him for a few hours each time.

What else, let's see....the weather certainly is weird, I thought for sure when I woke up this morning, CB's wish for "one more storm" was going to come true, it was snowing....but now it's as beautiful outside right now as I've ever seen it. Perioidic snow squalls come and it snows like crazy (big fat snowflakes)...then stops just as suddenly. Sorry, CB....on a brighter note for CB...I ran into Phil and Jake (or Josh) at the airport during lunch, so that means the CM is at the dock. I'm sure we'll see some photos on his blog very soon (if they aren't up already :).
Thank goodness Katherine is back....finally am well enough to get my hair cut and my "natural" highlights reapplied.....Whew!
Okay, I'll make up more stuff later for cookie's amusement....til then....have a great HUMP day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mar Gun on the rocks!

I just heard from a reliable source that the Mar Gun (Unisea or Trident boat?) went on the rocks up near St. Paul....don't know all the details, only that the crew is safe and sound. Whew!

The boat apparently is on it's side....poor thing :(

CB's storm and the Plague?

I talked to CB (when he gave me the SleepMD) and we were commenting on our unseasonably warm weather....he was pretty upset because he wants just one more good storm...well, we had a little one (I hope for his sake, we get one more GOOD one)'s pretty out right now, a light dusting on the mountains, and the sun decided to show it's face....I have to tell you, I moved here in Oct. 1998 from Los Angeles.....I was working 3 jobs (A.C. store, Museum of the Aleutians (before it was built) AND the Unalaska Historic Preservation Commission)....I was gone from early morning until late at night. It sucked, but I was new in town and needed the money. My dog, Elmo, was NOT happy with me...One night I came home to find he had packed up all of his stuff, along with one of my pillows and had it stacked up by the front door as if to say "I'm moving out, you don't spend any time with me anymore"...I was like, okay, fine you can move out, but you are NOT taking my pillow! The next day I quit one of my jobs and started coming home at a reasonable hour. Elmo decided not to move out. Anyway, that first winter was the worst winter Unalaska had seen in 50 years! Or so the elders told me. I am from LA....I thought, I can't do this, I barely had winter clothes, mini-skirts and tank tops were my wardrobe...I really had to scramble and find warmer clothes (I had a few warm things, that were layered over my LA clothes)....Well, I made it through that winter....and fell in love with this place that first second winter here was even worse than the first! 19 feet of snow accumulated....I felt like I was living in a snow maze (The Shining, style) YIKES! But I made it through that one, too. And the summers here so make up for even the worst weather. I guess my point never know what the weather is going to do keep the faith, CB!

I was reading Alena's blog and have to say I finally had to sucumb to my illness and take the day off yesterday, as I was feverish, nauseous and felt all-around ICKY! The entire library staff, except Cora are sick......Cora had to come in and work a full shift on her day off yesterday. I would have taken today off too, but Annamarie and Peat are both sick. Annamarie will come in late, so that she can close. So, to our local readers, we will try to provide the basic services, but can't guarantee a sunny disposition.....we'll try, of course, but we are not feeling good....our apologies in advance....

Have a great day everyone!