Monday, December 29, 2008

More from Newcastle, WA

Here is the final "snowdown" from the Uncles at the "Castle"....send that snow our way, you can keep the wind :) Thanks for the updates, Uncle Frank and Uncle Mike

"This is the final { :-( } of my "Snow Rules In Newcastle" photo series.Note a touch of blue in the sky. The first, you may recall---shot onDec. 21--- showed a little over 8"; the Christmas Eve pic showed adepth 3" above the ruler. That pic, of course, didn't take intoaccount the 4" or so that had melted to that point. It's a sadday....kinda.UF Frank"

It's cold and windy here in Dutch, I took the 3 stooges to the spit yesterday in the cold and wind, and there were lots of photo ops...however, I was sooooo bundled up, I couldn't fit my camera in my pocket. Perhaps today...even though the weather is uglier than yesterday. The Northwestern and Maverick are are snuggled up out there...I'll venture out later today and snap some shots for the DC fans.....Cheers! Lauri

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