Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures finally!

These eagles were in a feeding frenzy at Surefish, where they test fish that comes off the boats....they were crazed! They didn't give me one bit of attention, they were right at my feet! Thanks to Kerri, who was tossing it ON my feet! She thought it was funny! It kinda was, but I didn't let her know that!

Eider's eyes are bigger than his mouth, he was quite frustrated that he couldn't pick up this "ball"...it's hard plastic and believe me, he tried!

This is what I have to look at every day from my little studio apartment...I know, I know, you all feel sorry for me...but I manage to see the beauty, don't worry about me :)


  1. K I laughed out loud on this one. Those eagle pics are great.

  2. Love the pics - especially your dog! And yes, I do feel sorry, but not for you, for me because I don't get to see that out my window every day. Although, I do get to see beautiful pics from you, Steve and CB! Thanks and now on to posting those "boat" pics for us, OK?

  3. Look out for Care Bear (Kerri) - she's a sly lass . . . . .