Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roll of the dice & a couple of honey-dos

So, Scott was scheduled to come home (to offload) on Monday, and we were keeping our fingers crossed that he would be done at the tramper and to the dock at 6PM on Tuesday, so that I could pick him up and take him home for the evening, and hopefully he could spend the night. Well, things weren't looking too good...They arrived at the dock (before offloading) at about 2PM Monday to have some crane work done (I went to the boat and got a quick kiss :)...the work took a couple of hours, then they headed to the tramper to offload..that usually takes about 24 it would have been perfect timing...offload, then to the dock around 4PM on Tuesday...

Well, they ended up finishing the offload early, thereby arriving at the dock at about 3PM Tuesday...they have to fuel, get groceries and do some general things to prepare for the next trip, about a 6 - 8 hour timeframe. It wasn't looking good for a sleep-over...Well, the Gods smiled upon us, because they were waiting for a new observer to fly in, and it was too foggy, so the plane stopped in Cold Bay and were sitting there on weather hold...I prayed they would just cancel the flight, knowing the Warrior could not legally go fishing without this observer...

Our prayers were answered! The plane canceled! Yay, I have never been happier to hear Pen Air canceled a flight! So, it was a roll of the dice and we won! I picked Scott up at 6PM, and took him home....for the whole night! It was so great to have him home, really hard to drop him off this morning, knowing I won't see him again for at least 10 days....Such is the life of a fisherman's wife.
I only had 2 "honey-dos" for him...tie the plants up, so they aren't dragging on the ground...he did a fantastic job!
AND....screw some hooks in above the closet, so I can hang my ball caps up there...I wanted my hats out of my way, since we live in a studio apartment, space is very limited.
I can't post any more photos of our time together...I don't want to get arrested....know what I mean, Lori wink wink!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ballyhoo, Flowers, Schrooms & Pomegranate mojitos

A group of eagles feasting on some fish that a boater left on the boat ramp...They were getting pretty aggressive with each other...
More feasting eagles.....

And more....
Eider in the tundra with his rock...he's just about to roll around on'd think that would hurt!
Not sure what type of flower/weed/plant these are, maybe some type of bottle brush? But they are an interesting specimen.
The dreaded is nice to look at despite all it's badness.

Pretty yellow flowers....
This one is for Marja...I just love this photo.

More cute flowery things.

And more pretty flowers....

Purple flower...LOL as if you need me to tell you that :)

Now, THAT'S a huge mushroom!

Pomegranate mojitos...YUM YUM!

Emil & Mary....they taught the bartenders at the airport bar how to make Pomegranate mojitos...with FRESH mint! Yummy!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Patriotic beach glass & Weather layers

With all this talk of beach glass lately, I realized it had been a long, long time since I had been beach-combing. So I decided to take Eider and go to "Glass Beach" last night and search was slim pickins' thanks to CB, CD & others, I have to find another secret spot....I parked my truck and saw a woman walking towards "my" beach and thought to myself, who the hell is infringing on my beach combing adventure. Turns out it was Angela Jones, who was thinking the same thing about me. LOL....if it had been anyone else, I would have had a problem, but we enjoyed sifting through the rocks together and catching up...I found these three pieces and thought to myself, how, white & new favorites!
My first attempt at photographing my finds....

In these photos taken out my window, I tried to capture the layers of weather. It looked alot cooler in person, hopefully you get the idea. I just LOVE my view from my apartment. Look how small that boat looks next to the tramper.

Here are the layers of I said it was way better in person.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer's Bay antics & my new love

Flowers growing out of the side of a beautiful (on the road to Summer's Bay)
This little goofball didn't know what the heck I was doing...I drove past him, then backed-up to take his picture...he started to fly away a couple of times, while I fumbled with my camera, but decided he wanted his picture taken. Funny look on his face.

Alex chasing after Eider. Eider decided he wanted to go visit the fisherman at Summer's Bay and beg for a treat. Alex caught him, thankfully!

Love this name for fireworks....unfortunately I left before they shot them off...had I stayed, I would have joined the rest of 'em in a bottle of tequilla, more than likely would have woken up still at Summer's Bay!

Alex wearing the latest in fashion....he had just gone swimming, and headed to the fire to warm up!
Crazy kid! Swimming in the lake at Summer's Bay....Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sweetie was throwing a stick out in the lake for Eider....he didn't have to swim as the lake is so shallow....Eider knows how to chase and fetch, just doesn't know how to "bring it back".

Sweetie's adorable son, Jessie....who is giving me his fake smile :)

Bonnie, Mary & Buck. Bonnie is Mary's friend and they hadn't seen each other in 15-20 years. She is visiting from Spokane (Cheney), WA....

Buck Eider and Alex....Buck and Eider think they are Lion Kings!

Eider and his new rock....

Emil & Mary by the fire....awwwwww!

Mary and her "Busch"....LMAO

Sweetie keeping the dogs entertained.

I'm in love (with a vacuum cleaner!)....This Dyson is the BOMB!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More on Putchki....warning: it's graphic!

"Aleutian Putchky (wild celery) is a dangerous plant if it's juice contacts your skin when the sun is shining.

This plant's juice goes through photosynthesis when exposed to the sun, causing chemical burns as shown in the picture. It is painful and takes a week or more to heal.

Please do not chop it or cut grass or tromp through it unless you are fully protected by clothing. If you are exposed, wash the skin immediately in soapy water. Do not pop the blister, Benadryl may be used and can be purchased over the counter. Aspirin will also relieve some of the pain. The best thing is to avoid it altogether.

The season for eating the inner celery stock after peeling it is in the young plant stage only. When it gets over a few feet tall, it becomes too bitter to eat." (Char Gisvold)

CB mentioned that the Putchki is eyeballs knew it was blooming....what a weekend...everyone must have thought I was partying (or stoned) all, watery, itchy eyeballs...Anyway, Char Gisvold (I think she works with the Ounalashka Wellness Center, correct me if I'm wrong), posts this photo and warning every year around town and in the I thought I'd share it with everyone...just to give you an idea of how awful this stuff is!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Story time, familiar faces

Ashley (Dennis Robinson's beautiful daughter)...Great to have her back in town!
Ryder Baker
Cora and granddaughter, Dakota Baker
Connor's mom, Caroline & Max's mom, Kristine.

Max Robinson & Connor Parret (they are so cute!)

Not a huge turn-out for story time, due to birthday party's and other happenings around town....Connor Parret (sp?) and his mom Caroline Fogg are back in town. So happy to see them...they are in the process of selling their house here and moving to the lower 48 (maybe Oregon?), here are a few pics of the children that did show up...

Friday, July 10, 2009

Ballyhoo, Kimo, & Sushi

Elaine had Tako (pronounced Taco)....when she ordered it, I was like "hey I didnt' know they had tacos here!)...I was hoping they had fish such luck :(
Bitchin Roll....OMG, it is sooooooooooo good!

Pam had the Rainbow Roll...isn't it pretty?
We went out for sushi at Harbor Sushi after our walk up Ballyhoo....YUM!

Kimo (Pam's dog), found a stick and laid down right in the middle of the road to chew on it....isn't he cute?
Hey, where's your other ear?

I didn't know these came in yellow AND white! Beautiful!

Okay, CB put me in my place...LMAO, so here is the scoop on my activities....Walked Eider up Ballyhoo.....the landscape is so pretty, green against the blue of the water. I tried to capture it's glory in my photos, but once again, no justice was done to it's beauty....
Then, Pam, Elaine, Jan & I went to Harbor sushi for dinner....YUM!!! Pics are kinda out of order, deal with it.
And how was your evening?