Saturday, August 29, 2009

I never knew carrots could be so YUMMY!

Cora treated me to one of her homegrown carrots this morning...I must say I have NEVER tasted a better carrot (didn't even have to dip it in Ranch dressing!) She will be sharing with the kids today at Story Time, so I was only allowed one (I wanted more :)
I haven't been blogging wonderful husband has been home for the last two weeks. A totally unexpected surprise! We have been pretty lucky with our time he is leaving tomorrow for 5-6 weeks! I will miss him sooooo much....
Hope everyone is having a great weekend...lots of stuff happening in town this weekend...Alaska Legistators are here, annual Women's conference is going on at the Grand today AND alot of events celebrating the 100th anniversary of Alaska Maritime Refuge are happening. Wish I didn't have to work today, so I could join in all the fun...but someone's gotta work :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

More clouds, sunsets, scenery

What a spectacular view!
I can see the runway from my apartment window....

The sunset was beautiful...

Clouds for Mj

If you look really close, you can see the plane that just landed.

A ribbon of fog!

Look closely at this one,'s pretty spooky....

It was so beautiful, weather-wise here yesterday....I left work early (since I came in early :) and picked Eider up. Met Mary, Buck & son Alex on Ballyhoo and started our trek to the "balls". Mary wasn't feeling great, so she waited as Alex, Buck, Eider & I ventured onward. After reaching the balls, I looked out at the water and saw whales spouting and swimming around. I hurried back down, raced home, and looked out my window. Whales were swimming around everywhere! It was incredible. They were a bit too far away to photograph....but where else on earth can you watch whales playing in your front yard? I'm sure there are other places, but I feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet.....not too many can see whales in their front yards. It was are some shots of the gorgeous cloud formations and the sunset...Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weekend photos (lots of them!)

Schroom on Ballyhoo...doesn't really look that big in this photo..but, trust me, they are HUGE!
Eider, doing his part in the war against litter! (plastic water bottle in his mouth!) He actually dropped his rock in order to pounce on this bottle.

Beautiful fireweed just starting to bloom.

Huge container ship (Maersk) docked at the crane. You can see how foggy it is in the background.
Foggy shot of the fuel dock (where the Cornelia Marie often docks).

Tug boat towing a barge in the fog.

Another flowery, foggy shot from the other side of Ballyhoo.

Can't even see the "balls" on planes lately due to fog...I think it's been 3 days since we had a plane in....Co-worker Annamarie has been stuck since Sunday, not even confirmed until Thursday! She's livin' it up in Anchorage....

My husband came in on Sunday (I got to see him for 3 hours, hanging out on his boat) he is leaving town :(

Mary & Emil had another one of their famous bar-b-que's on Saturday....they built an awesome fire pit in their yard (which I didn't get any photos of, DUH) is Emil with his "log"...LOL

Sweetie & her adorable son, Jesse....his hot dog is bigger than he is!

Johnny Bruce, son JJ, Mary & Emil drinking "Alien" tequilla...YUMMY! They said this came from Area 51....little did they know I worked there when I was employed by Lockheed...I was there from 1987 until 1989....Never saw any aliens, but I did see alot of weird shit!

And a close-up of the tequila..I have to admit, it was tasty...AND we didn't need training wheels. I only had one shot, that was enough!

Buck (guarding the food table)...Loren Starr and our host, Emil (that's Mary at the grill)

Bff Jan :) and Johnny Bruce!

Hey! Are we on the right blog? There's Goldfish & Chico at the "Balls of Ballyhoo"

We had quite the showing, I think it was Saturday on Ballyhoo....Goldfish, Chico, Sherrie, Hoover, Renee, Eider, Me & long as we kept the dogs moving, there weren't any fights...oh yeah, Pam then showed up with Kimo....he likes to get in the other dogs' faces...and he also likes to hump them (doesn't matter if they are females or males...), they get a bit irritated with him....but it all went well.

The cloud shots are for Mj in MD...I know she loves the cloud, here ya go, MJ!

I love how the rays of the sun come down in this photo....the sun really does exist!

More rays of sunshine...keep that sun shining!

Sherrie, Buck & Eider almost at the finish "post"....

The long, long road to the balls! Love the cloud formations in this photo....

More clouds for Mj.

Me & Buck on our way to Ballyhoo...
What a fun weekend! Despite the sun not being out very much, the barbeque was fun, Elaine was MIA up in the tundra behind Westward Seafoods, drinking her lips off and oh yeah, golfing in the Tundra Classic...haven't heard any stories about the goings-on that happened, but I'm sure we'll hear something soon.
Have a great week, everyone!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flowers, a slug (ugh), Elaine, Hoover, Nephews

My darling nephews, Steele and Tyler....they just got in from Seattle and are going fishing on a long-liner. Sherrie brought them by the library to say hello to their favorite aunt :)

I spied Elaine walking Hoover across the street from our apartment building and snapped her photo without her knowing it. Well, then I yelled to her and she saw me, so I'm not very sneaky :)

Pretty flowers and bottle brush on my walk up Ballyhoo (where I got soaking wet in the rain)...believe it or not, I was the ONLY one up one else wanted to walk in the rain. It was quite refreshing... of my faves :)
Gross slug on cute yellow flower.

Salmonberries are starting to change's funny to watch my dogs eat them right off the branch...and of course, they always want the one you are going for....little pigs!

I thought this photo would turn out better, but I like it anyway.

If you look real close at this one, there are rain drops dancing on it's leaves...was so pretty!

Fireweed, barely starting to bloom....

I love this simple, yet beautiful!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clouds & Fog

Beautiful drive to work this morning...clouds were really low, then blue sky above! This was taken at the Dutch Harbor post office...happy I had my camera with me :)
Who wants to go to work on a day like this???

Oops I uploaded this one twice....note to self: don't talk on the phone while uploading photos :)

Ballyhoo Mountain with a skirt of fog around her pretty.

Another shot of Ballyhoo with her skirt of fog on.

Ballyhoo completey encased in fog....

Same shot, LOL just a little closer.