Thursday, January 15, 2009

Captain Scott & Crew

OMG, It worked!!!! YAY

My amazing, wonderful, gorgeous fiance (Captain Scott) and the crew of the Alaska Warrior were honored this morning at City Hall by the Coast Guard for their efforts in rescuing 22 of the 47 crewmembers on the Ranger. The Ranger sank on Easter morning 2008, in the icy, unforgiving waters of the Bering Sea. It was a truly sad day for all of us here in of the deceased being a dear friend....David Silveira, may you Rest In Peace.

The mayor said a few words, Discovery Channel was there, as well as Channel 8 and the local radio station. The Coast Guard presented the award, then we all headed to the Memorial Park for photos at the Fisherman's was very emotional.

If I am unable to post photos, CB (Dutch Harbor Dirt) will be posting some photos of the event hopefully some time today.


  1. thanks for sharing such a personal and emotional experience. I imagine Scott will be a changed (and even better) person as a result of his actions that morning

  2. Awesome....
    the whole thing beginning to end...just...awesome.


  3. I am Karen Jacobsen, the first born East coast daughter of Captain Pete Jacobsen of the Alaska Ranger. Even though I miss my dad every day, I am so happy that so many were rescued and helped by the the Warrior crew and Capt. Scott. I have met many of the survivors of the Ranger. It is such a blessing that such brave men risked their own lives to save those wonderful young men. My dad would be proud.

  4. Thanks for sharing this special moment. And a big hug and thank you to your fiance and the crew of the Alaska Warrior! So nice that DC was there to cover it too! I hope it doesn't make it to the cutting room floor.