Friday, January 30, 2009


Haven't seen the sun for awhile, but it's rising as we speak.....I tried to capture the beauty of the sunrise, but my photos don't do it's freekin' beautiful out right now!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Woo Hoo

Neal Hillstrand and a friend's kids (Anchorage)....
Oh my Elmo! Isn't he cute?

Dan, Elaine, and sister Sherrie at our annual Christmas "soiree" they look like they are having fun?

I finally got hooked up with hi-speed internet....testing uploading photos...enjoy! I've selected some of my favorites from the past few years...I hope you like them...I'm going to upload ALOT more, if this works....bear with me, ya'll!

News of the Weird

I feel the need to ramble....

First of all, today was one of the strangest weather days I've seen since I moved here 10 years ago....Since I left my house this morning at 8, I think I saw all 4 see them all at once is way weird.....look to the left, sunshine; to the right, blowing snow; straight ahead, rain; to the rear, leaves changing color (okay, we have no leaves, but you get the idea). I have to say, cookie mentioned something about bike riders riding in this weather....I saw a guy jet skiing in the small boat harbor waters yesterday...OMG that's extreme sports! He was having an absolute BLAST.

Second of all, there is NOTHING on TV tonight! I actually watched Kath & Kim and found myself laughing out loud....someone help me!

Third of all, cookie, you have some nerve trying to entice your readers to join you in working out...with a name like COOKIE DOUGH. Oh yeah, JAG #7 is in the mail. ;)

Okay, I'm done rambling now....I'm gonna try to find something to watch and prepare for tomorrow's challenges..perhaps I should be doing yoga or Pilates to preparefor tomorrow, instead of flipping through channels, in other words, find a way to spend my time, not kill it....

Suicide at Priest Rock?

I just heard from a local fisherman, that a crewmember on the Arctic Fox commited suicide by jumping overboard going around Priest Rock....a fellow crewmember got into a survival suit & jumped in the water, and apparently the suicidal guy pushed him away....he also refused to grab lines that were tossed to him.

How terribly sad, and what a horrible way to's bad enough when it's an accident but what a way to kill yourself..

Prayers go out to his family! Maybe now, he can rest in peace?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Watching You

This guy was on my truck, daring me to get in! I waited until he left, before I got in....can you see why?

Pictures finally!

These eagles were in a feeding frenzy at Surefish, where they test fish that comes off the boats....they were crazed! They didn't give me one bit of attention, they were right at my feet! Thanks to Kerri, who was tossing it ON my feet! She thought it was funny! It kinda was, but I didn't let her know that!

Eider's eyes are bigger than his mouth, he was quite frustrated that he couldn't pick up this "ball"'s hard plastic and believe me, he tried!

This is what I have to look at every day from my little studio apartment...I know, I know, you all feel sorry for me...but I manage to see the beauty, don't worry about me :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

What a lazy Sunday, I woke up early, but tried to doze off again, only to be kept awake by the elephants that live upstairs. I don't know what they do up there, but it sounds like they are killing each other, then moving furniture from one side of the place to the other. Oh well, I got up, made some coffee and laid back down with a really good book. I felt a bit guilty, thinking I should really get up and do something...but with the fiance out fishing, my best friend working and my sister out of town...I relished just laying around, sipping coffee, reading and dozing off now and then.

I finally dragged my butt out of bed, cleaned the place up, and took the dogs to the spit. It was breathtakingly pretty out today, so we frolicked around on the beach, barked at the sea lions and the dogs chased eagles....they really believe that someday they will catch one. Keep dreaming boys.

I wish I could post some of the photos, but can't do it from home. I also took some awesome photos of my view.....the mountains are solid white, and the sun was shining on them, they were almost glowing.....I can think of worse things to look at from my window. I am blessed to live here.

Happy Sunday everyone....oh and Happy Chinese New Year! Cheers!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Crab Pot

My good friend, Mary, owns a delightful little deli named The Crab Pot Deli....delicious seawiches, landwiches, yummy soups and other taste tempting treats....It is located in downtown Unalaska, close to the school, library and community center.

Todays special was a halibut sandwich and the delectable crab and corn chowder served in a bread bowl....doesn't that look yummy? Well, it was and it is totally on my diet...hahahaha
I wish everyone could visit and eat at the's worth every dime you spend getting here....

And one more

The last one from can see Kathleen and Eider walking if you look hard enough.

Ballyhoo 1-22-09

Another one from Ballyhoo last night.....was prettier in real life, but you get the idea.

Okay, I'm back

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted...the fiance is gone fishing sad, so I have more time on my hands...I'm trying to get back in shape and lose some of the weight gained having him home every night, eating, drinking and being merry like there's no tomorrow. On a bright note, HE gained 20 pounds, doncha love it when men gain weight?

So, I took my dogs up Ballyhoo last night for a hike up to "the balls"...of course I couldn't make it all the way up there, since I fell on my knee not even halfway up. It really wasn't my fault, as there were rocks, covered in slush, all the while water rushing over said rocks and would be hard for ANYONE to stay upright in those my walking partner Kathleen, was wearing her ear phones, and didn't hear me scream out for help. Elmo (my dog) was laughing (I swear he was) at me, as he skipped by....I know I saw him slip on the ice too. What comes around goes around, Elmo! Besides all that drama, it was a beautiful night, softly snowing, calm and relatively warm.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I received a comment from Capt. Pete Jacobsen's daughter....I personally did not know Capt. Pete, although I met him a few sister, Sherrie (who worked with him) absolutely adored him, and misses him terribly. Pete's family can take comfort knowing that he died saving the lives of all those crew members...he is a true hero. The boats are gearing up to go fishing in a few days, please keep them in your prayers so that they return home safely.

Thanks for your comment, Karen....your dad lives on in the memories of all those whose lives he saved.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Scott and I at Barney and Shawnelle's wedding in Boise, ID.....June 2008

Photos (or not)

At Memorial Park....may not look like it, but it was a beautiful morning.

Captain Scott & Crew

OMG, It worked!!!! YAY

My amazing, wonderful, gorgeous fiance (Captain Scott) and the crew of the Alaska Warrior were honored this morning at City Hall by the Coast Guard for their efforts in rescuing 22 of the 47 crewmembers on the Ranger. The Ranger sank on Easter morning 2008, in the icy, unforgiving waters of the Bering Sea. It was a truly sad day for all of us here in of the deceased being a dear friend....David Silveira, may you Rest In Peace.

The mayor said a few words, Discovery Channel was there, as well as Channel 8 and the local radio station. The Coast Guard presented the award, then we all headed to the Memorial Park for photos at the Fisherman's was very emotional.

If I am unable to post photos, CB (Dutch Harbor Dirt) will be posting some photos of the event hopefully some time today.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still trying

Still trying to post photos....not working out for me. But I am be patient. Well, activity around town is bustlement....trying to fish or not to fish? The ice around St. Paul is the lowest it's been at this time of year since 1954! The port of St. Paul is closed, so I heard the Maverick boys went home, to return to Dutch and fish in March...hopefully the ice will have receded by then. I saw the Time Bandit boys at the airport last night, having some dinner. Haven't seen the NW crew, but noticed some activity on their boat a couple of days ago...I was taking my dogs out to the spit for a run, and noticed camera crews and the boys out and about. If anyone sees Edgar btw, tell him he owes me $20! I took his passport photo before King Crab and told him he can pay me after fishing....I should have known....he offered me a signed T-shirt, puhlllllleeeeeaaaaasssseeee...hahaha

As of last night, the Cornelia Marie was still in dry dock at Magone Marine...the crew came to the library yesterday to apply for their TWIC cards....don't know how that went as I left work while they were waiting in line. Perhaps they'll be back today and I can snap some photos of them...whether or not I can post them, remains to be seen....but I will try!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

NW Update

One of my followers "Lori" mentioned that the crew of the NW weren't here yet....I haven't seen any of them.. I just took a photo of the boat which is docked down by Trident Seafoods (not sure if it's the Trident dock ;)

I'm trying to post photos, but having problems again!

Thanks Lori!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

DC Tidbits & Sad News

Hi Everyone, well as you may have guessed, I have failed at my New Year's Resolution to blog more....hahahaha Sorry, but NY resolutions were meant to be broken.

A little DC news: the Early Dawn (Capt. Rick Fehst) pulled out of Dutch headed towards to Opie grounds...let's wish him luck...and the Fierce Alliegance is expected to follow this afternoon. I took some photos of the NW and the Maverick, but are unsure if they have left town or not. I attempted to post said photos, but you know how that goes. I heard the ice around St. Paul has come down really far and that the Opie boats will have a hard time offloading there, so I will keep you posted on that...I think the boats may end up offloading here in Dutch, then possibly having the crew head home and coming to fish the rest of the quota when the ice slows down...That's just my observation??? I just pray for their safety.

Sad news....The F/V Seabrooke lost a crewman outside of Cold Bay yesterday, apparently his foot got caught in a crab pot line (they were fishing for Tanner Crabs), and he got hurled overboard...they have yet to recover his body. His name is Moose and he will be missed (I didn't know him personally, but have spoken to some of his friends). Say a prayer for his family. And that his body will be found.

Attached (hopefully) to this post is a photo of my honey driving one of the FCA Trawlers from one dock to another. Awwwww! (Pic won't upload, will try to post later).

Happy New Year again Everyone! Cheers!