Friday, January 16, 2009


I received a comment from Capt. Pete Jacobsen's daughter....I personally did not know Capt. Pete, although I met him a few sister, Sherrie (who worked with him) absolutely adored him, and misses him terribly. Pete's family can take comfort knowing that he died saving the lives of all those crew members...he is a true hero. The boats are gearing up to go fishing in a few days, please keep them in your prayers so that they return home safely.

Thanks for your comment, Karen....your dad lives on in the memories of all those whose lives he saved.


  1. Prayers are said for the crews of all vessels fishing this season.

    And what a neat posting of the awards for the Alsaka Ranger rescues. The Coast Guard does an amazing job.


  2. Lauri,
    I met your sister Sherrie at my dad's funeral and Sherrie made it easy for me to communicate with my father. I get in touch with her every so often. When she calls me on my cell, my cell reads "Dad" and I will keep it that way. I will pray for all those going out to sea. Thanks for all your kind words about my dad. Say hi to your sister. God bless you, Karen Jacobsen

  3. A very nice and touching blog this morning. I hope and pray that all come home safe this fishing season and always.