Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Still trying

Still trying to post photos....not working out for me. But I am be patient. Well, activity around town is bustlement....trying to fish or not to fish? The ice around St. Paul is the lowest it's been at this time of year since 1954! The port of St. Paul is closed, so I heard the Maverick boys went home, to return to Dutch and fish in March...hopefully the ice will have receded by then. I saw the Time Bandit boys at the airport last night, having some dinner. Haven't seen the NW crew, but noticed some activity on their boat a couple of days ago...I was taking my dogs out to the spit for a run, and noticed camera crews and the boys out and about. If anyone sees Edgar btw, tell him he owes me $20! I took his passport photo before King Crab and told him he can pay me after fishing....I should have known....he offered me a signed T-shirt, puhlllllleeeeeaaaaasssseeee...hahaha

As of last night, the Cornelia Marie was still in dry dock at Magone Marine...the crew came to the library yesterday to apply for their TWIC cards....don't know how that went as I left work while they were waiting in line. Perhaps they'll be back today and I can snap some photos of them...whether or not I can post them, remains to be seen....but I will try!



  1. Hmm...interesting...having to leave and come back could really mess things up for everyone I'm sure. Hope it all works out for all involved in this fishery.

  2. Gone home? How can they go home?
    That's really amazing about the ice flow....what on earth are all the boats supposed to do?? Wild.
    It's the coldest here that it's been in years.....
    Where is this global warming??? >-)
    BTW...Edgar's intown, last seen (today) w/ easy on him. >:-|
    How'd things go w/ the CM boys?

  3. I have faith that you will be able to post them pics soon! Might want to give CB a shout! I know he was having problems the other day too! I'll wait and keep checking back. Maverick crew went home, huh? Wondering if they (the Maverick) ever took Blake back on board? Curious where he is at. Oh, and Edgar owes you $$ - well, you should have taken the signed shirt. Who's know what you would get for it on E-bay! LOL!