Monday, December 29, 2008

More from Newcastle, WA

Here is the final "snowdown" from the Uncles at the "Castle"....send that snow our way, you can keep the wind :) Thanks for the updates, Uncle Frank and Uncle Mike

"This is the final { :-( } of my "Snow Rules In Newcastle" photo series.Note a touch of blue in the sky. The first, you may recall---shot onDec. 21--- showed a little over 8"; the Christmas Eve pic showed adepth 3" above the ruler. That pic, of course, didn't take intoaccount the 4" or so that had melted to that point. It's a sadday....kinda.UF Frank"

It's cold and windy here in Dutch, I took the 3 stooges to the spit yesterday in the cold and wind, and there were lots of photo ops...however, I was sooooo bundled up, I couldn't fit my camera in my pocket. Perhaps today...even though the weather is uglier than yesterday. The Northwestern and Maverick are are snuggled up out there...I'll venture out later today and snap some shots for the DC fans.....Cheers! Lauri

Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Eagle photo

Every time I walk outside, another photo op presents itself. These "cascading" eagles are just kickin' it on the cliffs behind my library. There are a bunch of nests up there, so eagles are aplenty. No matter how many I see, I am always in awe of them. They truly are magnificent....even when diving in the landfill, digging through garbage...hey eagles have to eat too.

Library Eagle

Back at work after a wonderfully Merry Christmas....we ate, drank and were in fact, merry! There are a couple of foxes who have grown up around the library and (shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I give them milk bones in the mornings)...I threw a few out there this morning, even though the foxes weren't anywhere to be I am sitting at my desk, I notice a flutter of wings (really BIG ones) out of the corner of my's eagles fighting over the I grabbed my camera and went out, by the time I got there, they decided the bones aren't worth fighting over, so they all left, but for one. He decided to jump up on the bicycle rack. So here are a couple of photos of my library eagle.

Christmas is another blog in itself. No snow, just wind....lots of presents though....I'll write more about Christmas later. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Snow in Newcastle, WA

Thanks to my Uncle Frank and Mike in Newcastle, here are some beautiful snowy pictures and a little recap of the fun they are having....enjoy...meanwhile, it's 49 degrees here in Dutch Harbor, AK....when I moved here 10 years ago, I commented on the global warming effect and said " in a few years, Dutch Harbor will be tropical"...It's really happening...YIKES
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

To clue in theviewers to your blog, which is really cool(!), Newcastle, as you know,borders Bellevue on the north and Renton on the south. Remember, about 3-4" has melted in the last few days, so we're looking at maybe a 16-17"storm total! UF (Uncle Frank)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Scott in Anchorage

Believe it or not, the photos taken by Christmas trees in Maui and the ones in Anchorage were taken in the same 24 hour period! Guess which tree I'd rather be in front of???? I do have more photos to share, but this one pic at a time nonsense is driving me insane....I'll load more tomorrow from my faster laptop. Please check back and thanks for your patience! Cheers! Lauri & Scott

Christmas in Anchorage

One at a time

Well, here's one for you

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Just a tidbit for ya' the Jan. 2009 issue of National Fisherman magazine, there is a photo of Andy Hillstrand (Time Bandit) Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) and Keith Colburn (Wizard) on page 28....I just happened across it and feel it is my duty to pass it along. Alaska Steve commented me and said I'm not the only one having problems uploading my photos. Whew! I thought it was me. Thanks Steve!

BTW, MJ in MD....what photo did Elmo send?

Another update

Hi everyone, I've been trying for what seems like FOREVER to post photos, but have failed miserably...I will keep trying, I really want to share them with everyone. It's been kinda crazy here the past couple of weeks, wrapping presents, getting ready for Christmas...our annual Christmas soiree will be held this Saturday night....lots of King Crab, beer, wine, hopefully some Champagne and of course duck farts....I'll take lots of pictures, which probably means nothing to you, as I more than likely won't be able to upload them. hahaha One of these days, I will inundate you with photos, you will be sick of looking at them.

All the boats are tied up and snuggled in for the Christmas and New Years holidays. I think I mentioned before that the crews for Opies will show up just after the New Year to get their pots ready. I'm sure they will be out partying too, so I will share stories with all of you of their antics, of which there will be plenty. So stay tuned and just so ya know, my New Year's resolution is to blog more often and share more interesting stuff. Let's see if I can pull it off.

Cheers! Happy Holidays and all that jazz!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Damn Internet Connection

As I am sure you noticed, there were no photos attached to my blog....hahaha The internet connection keeps timing out, so no photos tonight...I will try again in the morning...I hope the wait is worth it.

Love, Me


As promised, here are some photos from MAUI....woooo hoooo! Life on the rock will be pretty fun in the next few weeks....Friday night is my work Christmas party at the Grand Aleutian hotel. Scott and I will be attending, and I hope there will be photos and fun stuff to blog about. I'll keep ya posted. I also want to mention that I do know Steve (asenseofplace63 blogger). I LOVE his blog, and his photos are excellent. Thanks for mentioning me Steve :) and tell Goldfish I said hello! I swear once there is something fun (or exciting) to write about, you can be sure I will report it. I recently came across a website that shows the inside of the infamous Elbow Room and there are items for sale on it (t-shirts, hats, etc.) I'll post the site tomorrow for those interested....I haven't gotten to the bottom of exactly whose site it is, but once discovered, I will reveal!


So sorry I haven't blogged for awhile....there really is NOTHING going on in town....all the fishermen have gone home for the's cold and snowy outside...makes for a white Christmas..

Maui was FANTASTIC! Would LOVE to move there...perhaps in the spring. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Ka'anapali...was an absolute first class joint. Unfortunately I ended up in the hospital with a lung infection, so got to check out the medical care at Maui Memorial, and I have to say it was great! Only lost a few days due to illness and I couldn't have asked for a better "nurse". Scott was wonderful, so understanding. He was sick the first couple of days, he got better, I didn't. But laying by the pool and snorkeling was just what the doctor ordered. When I have access to a faster computer I will post some photos of our travels. Scott got to "Meet the Parents" on Bainbridge Island too. They all got along well, thank goodness! Now if only the cuzins could meet him....How 'bout if we stop in MD on our road trip in June?????

We went to the "Harbor View Inn", formerly the Unisea Sports Bar for my friend Amy's going-away party Saturday night....had a BLAST! I have photos of that too, but alas my computer here is too slow to upload at the moment. Stay tuned for lots of photos to be posted....

Opie season opens on Jan. 15th, so I believe crew/captains/processors will be heading to town after Jan 1st and I promise I will get some photos of DC crew/captains as they arrive..oh yeah, tidbit for you....Capt. Phil did NOT go fishing for Kings....(don't tell anyone I let the cat out of the bag) LMAO

Love, Lauri

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Temporary Parole

Well, I'm back from my temporary parole....back to serving time on the rock....I'll be blogging and posting photos from my Hawaiian vacation (Bainbridge Island & Seattle, too) in the next few days....I will be trying to find out the dirt on people and places here in Dutch in the meantime so that I can fill everyone in. Check back soon!