Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Roll of the dice & a couple of honey-dos

So, Scott was scheduled to come home (to offload) on Monday, and we were keeping our fingers crossed that he would be done at the tramper and to the dock at 6PM on Tuesday, so that I could pick him up and take him home for the evening, and hopefully he could spend the night. Well, things weren't looking too good...They arrived at the dock (before offloading) at about 2PM Monday to have some crane work done (I went to the boat and got a quick kiss :)...the work took a couple of hours, then they headed to the tramper to offload..that usually takes about 24 it would have been perfect timing...offload, then to the dock around 4PM on Tuesday...

Well, they ended up finishing the offload early, thereby arriving at the dock at about 3PM Tuesday...they have to fuel, get groceries and do some general things to prepare for the next trip, about a 6 - 8 hour timeframe. It wasn't looking good for a sleep-over...Well, the Gods smiled upon us, because they were waiting for a new observer to fly in, and it was too foggy, so the plane stopped in Cold Bay and were sitting there on weather hold...I prayed they would just cancel the flight, knowing the Warrior could not legally go fishing without this observer...

Our prayers were answered! The plane canceled! Yay, I have never been happier to hear Pen Air canceled a flight! So, it was a roll of the dice and we won! I picked Scott up at 6PM, and took him home....for the whole night! It was so great to have him home, really hard to drop him off this morning, knowing I won't see him again for at least 10 days....Such is the life of a fisherman's wife.
I only had 2 "honey-dos" for him...tie the plants up, so they aren't dragging on the ground...he did a fantastic job!
AND....screw some hooks in above the closet, so I can hang my ball caps up there...I wanted my hats out of my way, since we live in a studio apartment, space is very limited.
I can't post any more photos of our time together...I don't want to get arrested....know what I mean, Lori wink wink!


  1. So we have YOU to blame for Steve's brother not making it in yesterday! It took his brother 53 hours to get here from Maine (including the day spent in Cold Bay) ... poor guy!
    At least you got a night in with your hubby :)

  2. Oooops...sorry Kelly...just tell him "it's ALL part of the adventure"....

    Can't wait to see pics and hear about Steve and his brother's island antics!

  3. opps! That's not too bad of a honey-do list. You should've seen Troy's desk after he was out for 5 weeks! Nice that you got him for a night...but sorry for Steve's's all part of the Unalaska experience though isn't it??!

  4. CD: I have ALOT more things on the "honey-do" list, but didn't want to waste what little time we did have together watching him work (even tho he is FUN to watch)... ;)

    Yes, getting stuck is part of the Unalaska/Dutch Harbor experience, we've ALL been there, done that! Happy he finally made it.

  5. Lauri, Lauri, Lauri...I'm thinking you need to bring yourself back down here and let's have a chat. I'm concerned...
    If/when I get my DH adventure..I better NOT get stuck in some place called Cold is not welcoming... :-) I think you owe that guy, Hon. ;-D

  6. Mj, Cold Bay is never more than several hours'll go back to Anchorage or come here. Or head to King time we even went to Dillingham! These are places very few people from MD EVER get to's all part of the adventure...just pack snacks for the kiddo!!