Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July antics, Maureen & Rich, dogs

We had such a good time on July 4th! Mary and Emil are great party hosts, the food was amazing, and the company the best! The fireworks were incredible....excellent job!

I want to say hi to Rich & Maureen Smith, (they live in MN). Rich and Scott were partners in crime in their younger days.....I was happy to meet them and hope to see them soon!

Eider and Elmo, aren't they adorable? Eider saw how comfy Elmo looked, and decided to copy him.

I just love this picture......

Elmo eventually got irritated by Eider copying him, and got up and off the couch! You can see the irritation in his eyes....

LOL My fireworks photos left alot to be desired....

Awwww, that's what America is all about....Alex Berikoff showing his patriotism.

Michelle Arriaga (what a shock to see her!) and Emil on the beach.

There he goes again, showing his true colors.

Pam and Tawnja enjoying the party at Mary & Emils.

Our gracious host, Emil.

Tawnja having a blast!

Ryan Bruce teasing Buck!

Pam enjoying the food. She had just returned from hiking to the TOP OF BALLYHOO! Way to go Pam!

Murph (Alpha Welding) and the infamous Johnny Bruce hamming it up for the camera.

Ryan Bruce (like father, like son)


  1. Hey Lauri ... just wanted you to know our thoughts are with Scott and his crew. Sad news - hopefully good news soon ! Lots of love to you both !!

  2. Thanks Cath! I feel so bad for him, he feels responsible, even tho there was nothing he (or anyone) could have done.

    Your mommy is in my prayers as well. She is so strong and I have faith that she will overcome this.

    Love you!

  3. It looks like you haven't been on here in a while, but I'm hoping you see my message. I have known Rich and Maureen since I was a kid, they were good friends of my parents and I'm trying to get in touch with them. Do you happen to have any of their contact info or could you get a message to them? Chrissy.Cloutier@gmail.com