Friday, July 10, 2009

Ballyhoo, Kimo, & Sushi

Elaine had Tako (pronounced Taco)....when she ordered it, I was like "hey I didnt' know they had tacos here!)...I was hoping they had fish such luck :(
Bitchin Roll....OMG, it is sooooooooooo good!

Pam had the Rainbow Roll...isn't it pretty?
We went out for sushi at Harbor Sushi after our walk up Ballyhoo....YUM!

Kimo (Pam's dog), found a stick and laid down right in the middle of the road to chew on it....isn't he cute?
Hey, where's your other ear?

I didn't know these came in yellow AND white! Beautiful!

Okay, CB put me in my place...LMAO, so here is the scoop on my activities....Walked Eider up Ballyhoo.....the landscape is so pretty, green against the blue of the water. I tried to capture it's glory in my photos, but once again, no justice was done to it's beauty....
Then, Pam, Elaine, Jan & I went to Harbor sushi for dinner....YUM!!! Pics are kinda out of order, deal with it.
And how was your evening?


  1. Pics out of order, deal 'wif it! I think I'm going to have to make that the description of my blog!! You're the best Lauri!
    The walk with the puppies looks so fun, it was gorgeous last night wasn't it??
    I'm now inspired to get off by tush too! See you later today, both DVDs were ones that I already saw! I hate being gone, I DID write down which one to start with, umm lost that list tho!

  2. LOL...sometimes ya just gotta deal wif stuff, right?

    Tonight's walk will be even better, it's sooo nice outside...can't wait.

    Then I'm making banana macadamia nut bread YUMMMMY....if you come in tomorrow to take your next test, I will share ;)

    We figured out the problem with your last didn't tell us you are supposed to use Mozilla Firefox!!! But we have a special computer for you to use. Cuz yer special :)