Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photos finally :)

Scott's sister Mary and Mom, Pat.
Wwe saw alot of wildlife on our cross country trek....they aren't that easy to photograph, though...This little "dear" crossed our path on the way to my parent's house.....

Anyone remember the "pie lady"? Brenda Brindley lived here for 15 years....left 3 or 4 years ago for greener pastures in Sequim, WA...I surprised her and showed up at her work....she cried!

Eddie the cat, and his buddy "Cyclops", the one-eyed black cat have been watching us (mom, Scott & I) every night, making a drink and settling in our chairs on the deck.....apparently they couldn't wait until we got up so they could steal our chairs....they did this every night, I'm thinking as soon as they heard the tinkling of the ice in our glasses, they took up residence!

Scott and my adorable mommy on the deck for an evening cocktail.

Tyler, Cathy & Steele (nephews and sister).

My father, Tom and my husband, Scott.......

Scott and I at an official "Eagle Crossing" Clearwater Hotel and Resort.

Don Knoblach (look familiar anyone?) and Scott at Don and Crystal's house in Pillager, MN (Don and Crystal both worked at Magone Marine in Dutch Harbor.

Crystal and Don Knoblauch at home in Pillager, MN.

Me and my step-son, Anthony....he's a doll!

Anthony, Scott's sister Bonnie, and my Scott.

Anthony and Scott's mom, Pat at Mary's house.

Scott and his mom, can you tell how happy she is????

Scott and sister, Boo!

Scott enjoying the good life.....scotch and a good cigar....sigh!


  1. Wish I could see all the pics, but the cat pic came through - too funny!

  2. What's up with your 'puter?

  3. Great pics! I love meeting family through the blogs! Thanks for posting.