Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer's Bay antics & my new love

Flowers growing out of the side of a beautiful (on the road to Summer's Bay)
This little goofball didn't know what the heck I was doing...I drove past him, then backed-up to take his picture...he started to fly away a couple of times, while I fumbled with my camera, but decided he wanted his picture taken. Funny look on his face.

Alex chasing after Eider. Eider decided he wanted to go visit the fisherman at Summer's Bay and beg for a treat. Alex caught him, thankfully!

Love this name for fireworks....unfortunately I left before they shot them off...had I stayed, I would have joined the rest of 'em in a bottle of tequilla, more than likely would have woken up still at Summer's Bay!

Alex wearing the latest in fashion....he had just gone swimming, and headed to the fire to warm up!
Crazy kid! Swimming in the lake at Summer's Bay....Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sweetie was throwing a stick out in the lake for Eider....he didn't have to swim as the lake is so shallow....Eider knows how to chase and fetch, just doesn't know how to "bring it back".

Sweetie's adorable son, Jessie....who is giving me his fake smile :)

Bonnie, Mary & Buck. Bonnie is Mary's friend and they hadn't seen each other in 15-20 years. She is visiting from Spokane (Cheney), WA....

Buck Eider and Alex....Buck and Eider think they are Lion Kings!

Eider and his new rock....

Emil & Mary by the fire....awwwwww!

Mary and her "Busch"....LMAO

Sweetie keeping the dogs entertained.

I'm in love (with a vacuum cleaner!)....This Dyson is the BOMB!


  1. Wow...nice pics, remember when it was summer-ish??? Sighhhhhhhhhh

  2. Yes, I do...these pics were taken on Sunday, July 19th....I think that WAS our summer!

  3. In the 80s and going up to 90 this'd LOVE dipping in that lake then!! I keep offering to trade places for a bit...y'all definitely have my kinda summer!

    So how much are they paying for a library assitant w/ no experience?? (saw an ad) ;-D

    <3 Mj

  4. Ok spill about the vacum cleaner as i ALMOST bought this one .. I got sucked into after 1:00am telvison infomercials it looked sooo cool!

  5. Okay, about the vacuum....Let me put it this way.....I told my husband if I had to choose between him and my Dyson, I would choose him, of course BUT I would have to think about it...LOL

    It is lightweight, turns on a dime, is really easy to empty AND the filters are washable (by hand in cold water)...IT SUCKS like you wouldn't believe!

    They are spendy but worth every dime!

  6. Oh yeah, MJ, I'll trade with you as long as the humidity is low! Summers here are fabulous usually!

    And the job pays $15.42 per hour....interested?