Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ballyhoo, Flowers, Schrooms & Pomegranate mojitos

A group of eagles feasting on some fish that a boater left on the boat ramp...They were getting pretty aggressive with each other...
More feasting eagles.....

And more....
Eider in the tundra with his rock...he's just about to roll around on it...you'd think that would hurt!
Not sure what type of flower/weed/plant these are, maybe some type of bottle brush? But they are an interesting specimen.
The dreaded putchki...it is nice to look at despite all it's badness.

Pretty yellow flowers....
This one is for Marja...I just love this photo.

More cute flowery things.

And more pretty flowers....

Purple flower...LOL as if you need me to tell you that :)

Now, THAT'S a huge mushroom!

Pomegranate mojitos...YUM YUM!

Emil & Mary....they taught the bartenders at the airport bar how to make Pomegranate mojitos...with FRESH mint! Yummy!!!!


  1. YUM!!!! I'm looking up that recipe and going to AK Ship for mint :)

  2. YESSSS!! Now...could you put me In that picture? K, no photoshopping....literally place me on that beach. ;-) Love it!
    Your Putchki looks ALOT like Queen Annes Lace which is everywhere down here right now. I love QAL, especially when it blooms along side Black Eyed Susans...Very pretty...
    Lets see...miniature Daisys? and that purple one looks like the weed we had in the yard about a month ago (see my facebook collage) The mushroom looks just like the ones someone taught me to doodle back in the '70s. >;-) Hmmm...
    K, y'all still need that library assistant? ;-D

  3. Mj I think you just need to move here! You keep hinting :)

  4. CD- I would love to give it a year just to experience it all...Soo different....but a few too many things keeping us here...
    I am going to work on a trip up, though.... :-D

    Ciao! (Bedtime! Because it's 10:20 pm and DARK outside!!) hehe heeee...

  5. Okay, cuz! It's time to buck up lil camper and take a trip up (over?) here! We'll get miles/pitch in, do whatever we have to do to GET YOU UP HERE! We'll plan it for when DC guys are here, so you can meet some of them...whaddya say?

    CD: Did you make mojitos? How did they turn out?