Friday, July 24, 2009

Patriotic beach glass & Weather layers

With all this talk of beach glass lately, I realized it had been a long, long time since I had been beach-combing. So I decided to take Eider and go to "Glass Beach" last night and search was slim pickins' thanks to CB, CD & others, I have to find another secret spot....I parked my truck and saw a woman walking towards "my" beach and thought to myself, who the hell is infringing on my beach combing adventure. Turns out it was Angela Jones, who was thinking the same thing about me. LOL....if it had been anyone else, I would have had a problem, but we enjoyed sifting through the rocks together and catching up...I found these three pieces and thought to myself, how, white & new favorites!
My first attempt at photographing my finds....

In these photos taken out my window, I tried to capture the layers of weather. It looked alot cooler in person, hopefully you get the idea. I just LOVE my view from my apartment. Look how small that boat looks next to the tramper.

Here are the layers of I said it was way better in person.


  1. I don't know where "glass beach" is!
    And I lost Angela's number!!!! She called me a couple days ago! booohoo

  2. EVERYONE knows where glass beach is! I thought for sure it was you and CB that ravaged that beach! I'm going again tonight, I think...wanna come?

  3. Yes, I would LOVE to wander around Dutch's beaches looking for glass....don't have much of that here in the subs... :-(
    Though I do have a very pretty shade of blue I found on the beach at Puget Sound. :-D
    What do you all do with this glass???

    Love the cloud pics. I'm forever watching them and trying to capture the awesomeness on film...not very successful....

    Howdy to Scott for me!!

  4. Sorry Lauri...I was snoozing! I slept until 7:30 after work, missed the buffet too. I have no clue where glass beach is --either does Alena! unless she's teasing me??

  5. That's okay, CD...I didn't go, BUT I am going either today or tomorrow (days off)...My husband is afraid our apartment will be filled with rocks & beach glass and all of our stuff will be out in the hallway...LOL Alena! has to know where glass beach is...she's teasing you :)

    MJ: We have fantastic cloud formations here..I'll post some pics later this w/e..Love you!