Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clouds & Fog

Beautiful drive to work this morning...clouds were really low, then blue sky above! This was taken at the Dutch Harbor post office...happy I had my camera with me :)
Who wants to go to work on a day like this???

Oops I uploaded this one twice....note to self: don't talk on the phone while uploading photos :)

Ballyhoo Mountain with a skirt of fog around her base....so pretty.

Another shot of Ballyhoo with her skirt of fog on.

Ballyhoo completey encased in fog....

Same shot, LOL just a little closer.


  1. It sure was a pretty morning but it's clouding in fast! I think we're going to hike Ballyhoo and burn off some of that wonderful SUnday Buffet at the Grand . . . great pictures!

  2. OH SURE .. now that I leave .. it gets nice. Harumph!

  3. Awesome shots, Lauribelle!! Makes it look like you all live on Mt. Olympus....say Hi to Zeus.
    Yez, def too gorgeous to work. :-(


  4. LOL I'll say hi to Zeus for you....it was still pretty when I got off work, so took a hike up Ballyhoo, but left camera at work so no photos! Maybe tonight...

  5. That's kinda cool looking ! What a pretty day.
    Walk your lazy butt 3 miles to work girl - especially in that weather :)
    j/k - love ya !!

  6. wish the weather was like that over here in Akutan... it's completely foggy to the water, blowing a contant 25 MPH and trying to sprinkle at times.....

    really wish we had blue skies and sunshine... :(

    Send some this way ;)

  7. That was yesterday, April...today is not that nice....of course, it has to start raining JUST as I'm getting off work and taking dog for a walk up Ballyhoo! Why can't it wait to rain until I'm home????

    I'll try to send you some sunshine, April!