Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back in Dutch

Hi everyone!

I am back in Dutch and back at work. The husband has gone fishing.....it is strange how, for 1 1/2 months, we were together 24/7, how I got used to having him around.....getting to reach out and kiss him, or hold his hand anytime I wanted to. Now he is gone, not coming home for dinner, not waking up in our bed, he's just gone, cold turkey, just like that! I am very sad, happy to be home, but wishing Scott was here. Now my sister AND my BFF are leaving for Mexico on Thursday! It's just not fair....LOL (just kidding, of course).

I will post more photos and stories about our trip tomorrow....getting back into the swing of things is taking longer than I thought.....

Seems I missed something while I was out...what happened to Unalaska Steve's shoulder? I wish him a speedy recovery...and hope the surgery proved successful...



  1. Glad you're back and posting! My computer's acting up, so the pictures are only randomly coming through - ugh! Technology?!~?!

    Hubby will be home soon - wink~wink! You probably need some time to do some laundry -HA!

  2. Lauri, I just plum wore it out! The military, commercial fishing, carpentry, weight training, it all added up and I needed a mid-life tuneup so I can have new adventures. Goldfish filled in for work for me and I went to Boise to have the work done - being outside was wonderful but it's good to be back home!