Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sadness & excitement

Well, it seems I've been paroled from life on the rock...I will be leaving Dutch Harbor probably in December of this year to move to ANOTHER rock....Bainbridge Island, WA ...

Doctor appt. yesterday went really well....I'm pretty healthy, but SOMETHING that lurks on my beautiful island wreaks havoc on my lungs, and I need to be closer to medical treatment. 3 medevacs in 2 years is enough.

I'm am soooo sad to leave my friends, my sister, my dog and all my patrons. I worked at that library for 11 years and it is so strange to think I won't be going back.

I will count on everyone continuing their blogs so that I can still "taste" the life out there. It was a fun run, that's for sure.....and with airline miles, and all, I can still visit.

I'll still be posting..just wanted to update ya'll.

Cheers! (PS Check back later, I'm going to drive over to the Palin house and snap some photos if I can get close enough)....LOL I feel like the paparazzi!


  1. Oh, Lauri, I am really sorry to hear that you have to move away! What will we do without you??! So sad. But you know you have to take care of your health and there's always another wonderful opportunity around every corner. I hope you will have a fabulous life on your new island and we will want to hear all about it, of course! Thanks to the internet, email and blogging and facebook and everything else these days, there are no real goodbyes! So you will be back here for a little while, though? Hope to see you soon--we leave Nov. 20 for a month so don't want to miss my chance to give you a hug before you go. I think you were one of the first people I met when I moved here since I was at the library a lot! Love ya and get well. PS Hope you get some photos of Palin's house!

  2. Ohhh Lauri that's exciting for you (and hopefully better for your health) But sad for us!! We'll miss you a lot, like Gigi said, thank goodness for the Internet!!

  3. Yeah..........ummmm...........sorry I'm going to have to forbid that. Find out what makes you sick and we will eradicate it from the island. Be it Animal, Vegetable or Mineral. I will help you stop smoking too!!!!! No No No No No No you can not leave!!!!!

  4. I am sorry to hear that you'll be leaving your home for the last 11 years, but sometimes life gives us these little detours in life and we just never know what's around the next corner. I am excited for your new blog from WA as you know I love it there and want to move there myself someday. Just think, next time I'm out there, we will get to meet! Take care and can't wait to see if you get those Palin house pics!

  5. Oh Dear . . . .well, if you have to move, that is a pretty wonderful place to go! We will miss you and of course stay in touch! Your health comes first . .. hugs - steve

  6. :-(
    Well, I'm certainly sorry you have to leave...but, I too, think you'll find a wonderful new chapter in your life back down in Wash. Your parents, your sister, the crazy Uncles...oh, and how many cousins??
    Very happy to hear about your health!! but I'm w/ CB...we need find out what it is. >:-\ If I make it up there, you HAVE to go with me!
    Luv ya,

  7. I knew my time there was coming to an end, just not this soon. A new chapter for my husband and myself...I will ALWAYS consider Dutch Harbor my home and will visit as often as I can. I'll be back tomorrow to sell all my stuff :(, and will be leaving there Dec. 2nd!!

    I'll go there with you ANYTIME Mj, just say the word....we'll pick the best possible time, and CB will hook us up with a great room at the GRAND!!! Sound like fun?

  8. It has been, as they say, a "good run." I know you are sorry to leave all your wonderful friends there, and how they will miss you! I never thought you'd stay there 6 months, let alone 11 years, but DH turned out to be the place you were meant to be. Now you have Scott and a new life is about to begin for the two of you. All of us wish you well, literally, Lauri. Love, "Auntie C"