Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cornelia Marie & Fierce Allegiance

I was driving past the Fuel Dock and saw the Cornelia Marie docked there as well as the Fierce Allegiance...I think the Fierce was in the first couple of seasons of DC....she's a really pretty boat.

As I was snapping these pics, Vanessa (Freddie's wife) was driving by, stopped and asked what I was doing...LOL I told her since CB hasn't been blogging lately, I better feed a few pics to his fans, that I am NOT a groupie...she just enjoy! She also said they are filming like crazy, so the boys are pretty busy!
Tonight is the Batchelorette auction at the Harbor View Inn (formerly known as the Sports Bar)...I would LOVE to go...but 9PM is pretty late for me to just be going out....I'm usually headed to bed around that time, but you never know, I could be talked into it!


  1. Wow-you Are getting old. Used to be we didn't Start the evening until 9!!
    Thanks for the shots...looking lovely up there...
    Luv ya,
    Mj <3

  2. I know Mj!!! We used to party WHILE we were getting ready to go out...then we'd be primed for the festivities...tonight, I'm going to meet a friend or two at the airport, THEN decide whether or not to grace the Unisea with our presence.... :)

  3. it's sunny at home!! Cabo is awesome, but I'm ready to come home I think, I'll bring the puppy by!!! We pick her up very very soon.
    So not caring about DC LOL...that's just me.

  4. Cookie Dough we love all the AK bloggers. We know so little about your state its great to be able to catch real time current events from all of you, ships, life, volcanoes and kids. Thank you for sharing any and all. CJ

  5. uh ohhh thank you for these pics :D

  6. April also posted a spectactular set of photos from Akutan.. Thanks for sharing that Aleutian day.

  7. Beautiful day out and definitely one worth taking pics of boats - but you are teasing me, aren't you?

  8. schöne grüsse aus deutschland. schöne bilder wow.werde auch mal urlaub in dutch harbor machen lol deutschland grüsst sven