Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to touch base and let everyone know that I am still alive...feeling a bit better, and just wanting to figure out what is wrong, accept it, then treat it and get on with life.

Waiting on tests, drs appts., and treatment options. Thanks for all the warm thoughts, prayers and positive thinking.

I really miss Dutch, and hope to be back soon....

Hope crab fishing is going well, and that we will all soon have FRESH king crab legs in our belly's and that all of our boys come home safe and sound and a little richer for their efforts.

Have a great week everyone and thanks again for your prayers and good thoughts.

Cheers! Lauri


  1. Heyyyy! Lauri, get better! Come home, it's sunny for a second day in a row! The puppy is growing, I STILL have your gift (oops!) and we've been at the library doing the scavenger hunt...MISS SEEING your smiling face!

  2. OMG CD, your puppy is getting so big! They grow so fast! Miss all your smiling faces too....hopefully will be back in Dutch by the end of the week, God willing!

    Helps to read all the blogs to see what I am missing.... :)

  3. Get well soon sweetie!!! Need to get with you to Lynch some people who left Library books in the trash again!!!!!

  4. Lauri, hope you are feeling better and will be home soon. I left a message yesterday but blogger didn't accept it. What the heck! Miss you and sending up good wishes. Love, Jane