Friday, October 16, 2009

Fisherman's Halloween? Hey, Kodiak, you're going the WRONG way! Bella's first blogged photo...

CD is BACK...lookin' all tan, AND she brought her new baby in to see me. She is ADORABLE as you can see. Her name is Bella. A little sweetheart...
As I was driving back to work from lunch, I saw what I THINK is the Kodiak (according to some, a new Deadliest Catch boat), BUT HEY you are going the wrong way, Kodiak! I couldn't see that far, so if this IS NOT the Kodiak, my bad and never mind LMAO.... (It IS the Kodiak and it WAS going the wrong way )....???

I watch Dancing With The Stars every week...and during the rehearsals, they showed Chuck Liddell wearing a t-shirt that looked like a Unisea Bar said "the beatings will continue until morale improves", ironically at the Grand during what was supposed to be Fisherman's Halloween, I saw this guy wearing a Chuck Liddell shirt...okay, well I thought it was funnily ironic...
The ONLY ghoul that showed up while I was there...can you guess who this is? The cute one COVERED in black, that is????
Fisherman's Halloween was a bust....they (DC fishermen) were supposed to show up at 7PM-ish...we were there at 7-ish and were getting ready to leave at 9:45pm....when a girl who works for OP swooshed over to our table and said "the Time Bandit guys are on their way in, and we need you to sign this waiver IN CASE you get caught on camera"...I said no way, we are out of here....Tawnja turned to someone sitting next to her and said "if they want this on camera, they are going to have to pay me"....LMAO Needless to say, we left...CB didn't even wait for the festivities (if, in fact, there were any?) So, that's the scoop....


  1. Maybe the Kodiak knows a short cut... ;-)
    Liddell is just too cute for words, isn't he? Love the show, just forget to watch!!
    Sorry for your party...
    Hey, we may have some flurries and sleet in the a.m.! So unusual for here in Oct. Fall colors are everywhere!! Wed we'll be around 70 or so degrees... :-\

  2. Glad to have missed all the DC hoopla this week :)
    Hey! I'm excited for the Kodiak...I love seeing Alaskans...especially ones we know (I have no idea who the crew is, this is the 1t I've heard that it'll be on the show) YAY Kodiak....
    I can't help myself I lived there 28 years!

  3. ohhh and Juno said it best...she's blond, has light eyes and likes to nap, a perfect nre member of your family :) Is that a compliment??? Not sure!

  4. Yes, Mj, Chuck is too cute...too bad he got kicked off the show...cute but CANNOT dance! Sorry to see him go :(

    Maybe the Kodiak does know a shortcut, but I'm thinking they had to go back to the dock for some reason...maybe a cameraman got seasick??? I guess we'll find out soon enough...

    Oh, CD...I'm sure you know some of the crew...28 years in Kodiak?? WOW!!

    Your baby fits right in with your family..she'd fit in with mine the napping thing!

  5. Thanks for showing us Bella she is going to be a great addition to CD's family. I foresee CD teaching her how to find beach glass LOL. Can't wait to see the Kodiak fishing hmm they are going the wrong way oh well maybe the decided to trade one of their Camera guys to another boat LOL

  6. The cute one covered in black must be CB! Love the pic of Bella - we had a golden retriever named Belle, but we called her Bella. Too cute CD! Good luck with the first two years of puppy stage....LOL!

    I was so.........looking forward to the Fisherman's Halloween party.......guess we'll just have to wait and see an then I'll have to blog and let you guys know since you don't watch that show......LOL!