Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You scare me!

I don't want to start a big, fat political fight...just thought this was interesting...came to me in an e-mail. So, FYI everyone....(written by the former head of Proctor and Gamble)


Also, tonight is the Deadliest Catch Halloween at the Grand Aleutian....Since it's happening early, I will be attending, if the rumors I have heard turn out to be true...this will be a riot! Can't wait! I'll bring my camera for sure.....


  1. I can only imagine what the guys from the TB are going to be up to - LOL! Get some good ones for us.........I'm counting on you!

  2. Ill See you there sweetie!!! But the trick will be if you can recgonize me in my costume!!!!

  3. I'll try to get some pix for you Lori! And CB, I'm VERY excited now!

    Can't wait! Hmmmmmm, you've already got me thinking about what you are gonna be. And let me just say, I've NEVER seen Dr. Who OR Torchwood...so if it involves one of those, I'll NEVER guess LOL

  4. Oh, BTW on the Article.........It's Scary because it's True!!!!!

  5. Awesome Link!!! So totally true! Too bad he doesn't respond...LOVE the line about NO CLASS...so true.

    Have fun tonight and NO BLURRY PICTURES!!! >;-D


  6. Yes, scary BECAUSE it's true!

    LOL Mj...I can't make ANY promises, but I'll try to keep the blur to a minimum....

  7. Oh, you guys....don't let fear rule your lives. The man isn't even all that liberal. :)

    Have fun at the party. I haven't heard a word about it, guess I don't run in the right circles. LOL

  8. The President spent a few years overseas when he was 6 years old and now he's not "culturally American"? I hope to have my children experience another culture while they are young - I wonder what this author thinks of people who grew up in Dutch Harbor or a small Native village in Alaska like me?

  9. Pughie !! Did ya wear a costume this year ??
    Your costume last year(?) was the BEST !! You and Scott looked awesome .... he's not home this time tho is he ? Miss you guys - hope you had a good time last night ....post those pics soon!
    Love you !