Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hey everyone!

For the locals, I had ordered 2 halloween costumes hoping my husband would be in town, and that we'd win $300 like we did at the Sports Bar last year. Well, I won't be back until this Friday or Saturday and Scott won't be in town until the 2nd or 3rd of November...if anyone needs costumes, let me know. I have the woman's costume, men's costume, mens and womens wigs, makeup, accessories...EVERYTHING to make you up to look like beautiful, scary, sexy VAMPIRES!!!!

They are really beautiful and will fit most sizes. Comment me and we'll go from there.

See ya'll in a few days!


  1. Get better soon! Will you make it over on Saturday? HUGS! Steve

  2. Hum ~ sexy vampires ~ wish I was there to take advantage of that costume - LOL! Take it easy - you'll be back in DH soon!

  3. I can't go out. I've got to answer my door, get kids fed and out trick or treating (even 18 year olds think they have to trick or treat here!!) and then have a b-day party night! Eeeekkkkk.....This is the most tiring night of the year for me. Has been for 19 years! (jr will be 18 on SAT night!!!!!)
    Feel better soon :)