Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scenery, Angry Cloud, Moldy Schrooms, Galene & Kris, Dutch Harbor Diamonds

Moldy, mass of mushrooms....at least that's what I THINK these are...however, I don't recall seeing them before they turned into moldy ones.
Another clump of them.

It's Elaine along with Hoover and Cali...Eider ran down to greet them....I walked and then turned around and went back up to the balls with them.

The clouds were spectacular, they change so fast...it's hard to keep up with them :)

Chris Knutsen & Galene....Galene was just here visiting, Chris is the owner/captain of the F/V Aleutian Spray...he has been coming to Dutch since 1963!!!! He has seen it all, and is one of the funniest people I know. He tells stories that literally have you laughing so hard, you cry. Love him to pieces!
This cloud looks ANGRY! I thought of Mj in MD when I took this one....spooky!

I am a total Rockhound...I can't go 5 feet without having a pocket full of rocks....so I found these on Ballyhoo last night....the big one looks like a piece of brick, but it has rounded edges and deep scratches across it....the little one is real fun to rub....my thumb fits perfectly in that dark spot....I have no idea what kind of rock it is or what causes the dark coloring in the middle....I don't really care, I just am happy with them....LOL

When I got married, I was wearing old clothes, I borrowed a butterfly clip thingy from Mary, that was also blue...so there is my something old, something borrowed and something blue...I didn't have anything new...so my sister, Sherrie handed me a box with this bracelet in it....I LOVE it....it is made by a local woman here named Lori Lane...her business name is "Dutch Harbor Diamonds" and she made this with beach glass that she and/or her family collected.....so I thought I would plug her business (if anyone is interested in seeing more of her items, let me know by commenting and I'll take more pics of her other creations)...I have received alot of compliments on this bracelet whenever I wear it...so I thought I'd share with all of you.

Isn't it beautiful?
Another view from Ballyhoo, looking at the bridge to the other side and beyond.

More clouds....

Beautiful view from Ballyhoo, ever changing scenery from the same place....

Mushrooms on the way up....
The mountains are changing from deep, dark velvety green to a rust color, I guess that means fall is rapidly approaching...sigh!
Here is an up close look at the colors changing....

These are some miscellaneous photos from the last few days....My internet connection from home is soooo slow, I don't even put myself through the frustration of trying to blog from there....so I take a break from work and although it's not FAST, it's better than dial-up...


  1. Lauri!!!! I didn't know that the other Lori had a jewelry business!! I want to get some!!!!!!!!!
    I better go to the pool cardio room and talk to her :)
    The puppy is a chocolate lab :) You'll see us often....3 more days and I'm going to be JUST a Mom! (yeah right...)

  2. Cookie! Ask Lori to bring some of her items to the library if you see her!

    I can't wait to meet your puppy....what's his name?

    Just a mom, yeah right. Let me know how that goes. :)

  3. I love that bracelet !! What else does she have - I think I need some ear rings like it:) It really is pretty... did you have that when you were here? I don't remember seeing it (but that doesn't really mean anything -considering ... ;)

  4. Cath: I did have the bracelet, but I didn't wear it when I was there, I don't think LOL I can't remember either...maybe it was all the beer and shots???

    Check your e-mail, you mad at me?????

  5. I'm going to have to create a blog just so I can share my pics with ya... ;-)
    Love the scenery...I could just plop down on the side of your mountain and watch it all day. Got a hammock?
    The jewelry is gorgeous...does your friend have a website?? or show some samples...please.
    YEAAAAA fall!! Though we've still a ways to go...oddly leaves are falling...
    Love it all, Cuz <3 Thanks, Hon (as we say in Bawlmer)

  6. Love the pics today! And I too, am a cloud person - love to watch the sky and the cloud formations. Something else we have in common - LOL! The braclet is beautiful and me too, yes, interested, website? What women doesn't love jewelry, especially the real thing!