Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Let's try this AGAIN!

We went to Peking, in the back the past, this room has been available for private parties.......Even though they set it up with tables for us, we are thinking it has been transformed into storage for the restaurant...oh well, we had a good time anyway! Look how the balloons are holding up Elaine's lapels...
"Gaze into the crystal ball"...wait, that's not what that's a snow globe filled with Broadway Musical stuff (I think)...LOL it's of NYC.....she looks mezmerized, doesn't she?

Goldfish looking on, wondering what the hell is so funny????

And here is Derek....the only man among 8 women (that's the owner, James in the background). You are a brave man, Derek. (Keri and Sherrie behind Derek )

Keri is soooooo talented when it comes to making cakes (and other things as well, she is MULTI-TALENTED)...she made an I-Pod cake for Elaine....and in the top left corner, you see what looks like a is the birthday chicken in disguise! How clever!
Cute pic of GF, Derek and Miss Birthday Girl!

Bye bye Warrior!

These pics of the Warrior sailing away posted backwards...LOL I wish he was coming home instead of leaving :(
There goes my little Warrior! Safe travels, honey :)

This is either the Alaska Spirit or the Victory....there was a small parade of FCA boats....the only one I can pick out of a crowd is the Warrior.....

I can't get over how big the mushrooms are....sorry if you are sick of looking at these....I'm not!

This is one of my very favorite pictures....I'm pretty sure it's the Exito (ex-crabber), which is now doing water sampling for Westward (correct me if I'm wrong, locals).

We had a pretty long hike, Eider was very thirsty and forgot his water bottle!

The next few photos are an attempt at a panoramic sweep from the upper road on Ballyhoo......

And the beautiful sunset!


Not sure if these are cranberries? Locals??????

View of the spit from across the street from Mary & Emil's house....such a pretty day.


  1. Beautiful pics! Looks like it's a very nice time of year to be in Unalaska - I know I wish I was there...........

  2. Blogger is back? I could only post one picture earlier before it crapped out on me!!
    Good to see you yesterday!! Cool shots too. Its been so busy at the hotel I have not gotten out as much as I wish.

  3. Beautiful pics cuz .... but aren't YOU a local by now ??

  4. And you haven't been keeping touch with your friend in FL either CB! Going to the Bahamas this weekend - guys wish me luck that Erika doesn't wash us away - LOL!

  5. We wish you were here too, Lori...shame on CB! Not that I'm defending him, BUT he has been super BUSY!!! Okay, I AM defending him...still shame, shame, shame...(was good to see him too)

    I want to go to the Bahamas!!! Have a GREAT trip...and e-mail me when you get back..wink wink! :)

    Cath: Yes I am absolutely a local...just asking other "locals" to help me out here....

  6. Will do - have a great weekend!

  7. Hey - how come my comments are the only ones with the little trash can? Just curious?

  8. haha Lori I think that's because if YOU want to delete your message you can. I don't see them on your posts, only mine.
    Peking is the best yummiest Chinese food ever! I don't even eat Chinses when I leave town it's never anything like Peking...which means it's really good, or just what I'm used to!