Friday, September 25, 2009

Deadliest Catch Contest???

Not one to spread rumors...BUT I heard from a good source that Original Productions held a would receive a trip to Dutch Harbor, and the opportunity to go on a crab boat...Apparently (this is from a news story told on Flash! Unalaska), the winners were flown here to Dutch, and given $8,000.....bad news...there aren't any crab boats in town AND Original Productions hadn't arranged any accomodations for the winners.....more bad news, the Grand Aleutian Hotel was full due to the Alaska Museum and History convention taking place that same weekend.....the "winners" luckily had packed a tent and were all about camping, bummer is...their bags didn't make the flight with them, ..some of the locals in town put them up at Amaknak camp (not luxurious digs, I might add)......and took them hiking and out to the local "pubs"...

I went onto the local news site ( but didn't find anything about this posted yet. From the same source, I was told that they did enjoy their stay here, in spite of Original Productions lack of planning.....


  1. Wow - that's pretty amazing! Didn't know anything about the contest, but if I did and had won, I know of one or two friends in DH that would have put me up! LOL ~~wink! We would have had more fun than on some silly old crab boat (now that's a big LOL!)

  2. I hadn't heard anything about it either...You would have been fine, you have connections here ;)

    Yeah, we would have shown you a really really good time...LOL

  3. I don't think it was Original Productions. Some sort of throat lozenge company?! I will have to find out for you!

  4. Oh, really? The person who told me that said they heard it on our local news...maybe they just heard that it's Original Prod. that produce the show....

    Please let us know, so I can spread the truth and NOT rumors.


  5. Sure missed THAT contest! Hmmm...prolly a good thing at this time...I've still got Sept. 2010 in mind.
    Your pics are lovely as always, Lauriebelle...
    Thanks for sharing. ;-D

  6. Yeah, it was on the radio--they came by and Anne interviewed them. But it was something to do with a company that makes strong throat lozenges (they said "strong enough for fishermen!") Anne was off today so I will have to get back to you. I am almost positive it was not O.P., though.

  7. That is so can't just show up here! It doesn't work out very well usually.

    Mj is coming here? for REALS?? (as the kids say) I hope we have lots of blueberries and that all the new glass on the beach is "done"

  8. My apologies to Original I said before I didn't want to spread rumors, but heard it from a reliable least the part about them coming here with nowhere to stay and no crab boats in town....keep us updated Gigi :)

    Yes, CD...Mj has been threatening to come here for YEARS now...I'll believe it when I see it :) I want ALL my cousins to visit...AND will make sure they have a place to stay ;)

  9. No worries, Lauri, things get confusing easily! I still don't have confirmation on my story so wouldn't it be a hoot if I was totally wrong?! LOL Yes, your cousins need to come visit so we can all meet them and show them around. PFD ticket sales coming up soon?? I haven't heard anything yet....

  10. I would think that OP would have planned things out a little bit better...They KNOW when crabbing season is, and when the boats are actually in town....Wouldn't you think, though, that the throat lozenge company would have to have permission to use the DC name? Hmmmm, maybe we opened a can of worms...LOL

    I haven't heard anything about PFD tickets...BUT PFD amount this year is $1,305...just in case someone didn't know!

    Hear that, cousins???? We ALL want you to come out!!! So get on it!

  11. Okay, here's the final word from our news director Anne's mouth--the contest was sponsored by Fisherman's Friend throat lozenges. :) I don't think they really used D.C. name, just said something about sending them out to see what these scary jobs were like. Anne said they ended up having a blast anyway and were happy they came, even if they didn't get to go out on a crab boat and didn't even have a room the first night. But yeah, someone needed to do some better planning! Anne is going to get the story up on kucb website Monday.

  12. Thanks so much for clearing that up! I'm so happy they had a good time...there really are some great people on our islands. And I'm happy that the "winners" got to know some of them.

    I thought it might be Fisherman's Friend, but I'd already dissed one company in error, didn't want to do the same to another until I was sure.

    Thanks again, Gigi!