Friday, September 18, 2009

Pen Air, Clouds, Rocks, Ballyhoo

Love these clouds....some are smooth and silky looking, while the others are all ruffled up! My dad was a test pilot in the Air Force (SR-71) and said that the clouds that look like little flying saucers are the most dangerous to fly through as they are like that due to the wind....
More clouds LOL

I found some of my favorite rocks in a box at my sister's house....she has warned my husband that all of his belongings are now out in the hallway, to make room for my rocks! LOL - he shouldn't laugh, it COULD happen! Look at the designs on them...mother nature is incredible!
Some rocks with colors in the middle of them...
More you see a pattern going on here?
Sorry this one is so dark...this cloud formation looked like a submarine...I tried to capture it, but alas, I failed...
More of my favorite rocks.....I LOVE heart shaped rocks....the BIG one I found out the Shaishnikoff place out at Captain's Bay (it's okay because Ernie S. was with me)....I was beyond happy finding it.....
And more....I don't know what the story with the "alien" faced rock is...that's how I found it...and the ones with stripes and writing on them, I assume they were dinner ware on Navy ships???

More pretty fluffy clouds. Looks like a bird flying.....
Berries and fall colored leaf.
Looking down at the fuel can see the Cornelia Marie docked here often during crab season....
View of the spit from the "signs" road on Ballyhoo.
Hello Grand Aleutian Hotel!
Pen Air taking off (I'm surprised this picture turned out this well).....
Taxi-ing for take-off (My photos always post backwards LOL)
Looks like Ballyhoo Mountain is wearing a hat!


  1. Great pics and some VERY cool rocks!

  2. lovely photo layout thanks for thinking to photograph and post it

  3. Thanks, happy that you enjoyed them. :)


  4. I love it that you collect rocks and heart shaped rocks at that. I picked up some rocks in AK and WA because the rocks out west are so very different from the rocks here in FL. And I love hearts too! Awesome cloud/sky pics!

    Have a super weekend!

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