Friday, September 4, 2009

Good Morning Moonshine???

Terrible pictures....but this is really the moon as seen from my apartment this was so gorgeous, I wish I could have captured it....this is one of those photos Alaska Steve was talking about.....I wanted to capture the beauty, but I couldn't tell they were blurry because I wasn't wearing my glasses...LOL
Anyway, today/night is the full afraid, be very afraid!


  1. These are GORGEOUS!! I feel like I forgot to put my contacts in...;-D But, for real, looks like sunrise.
    I've been admiring the moon these last few days too. The nasty humidity moved out a few days back, so the evenings have been beautifully clear. I'll have to FB them so you can see...

  2. btw..fed your fish for ya...they were looking neglected.

    oh..and do those pallets in your picture belong to anyone??? We're getting the campfire bug again....

  3. I love the pics! Remember Steve's words that sometimes pictures don't turn out, but don't delete them or throw them away because there is always a story behind the pics. I won't delete my blurry pics now because when I look at them, it makes me remember where I was and why I took the pics!