Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flowers, a slug (ugh), Elaine, Hoover, Nephews

My darling nephews, Steele and Tyler....they just got in from Seattle and are going fishing on a long-liner. Sherrie brought them by the library to say hello to their favorite aunt :)

I spied Elaine walking Hoover across the street from our apartment building and snapped her photo without her knowing it. Well, then I yelled to her and she saw me, so I'm not very sneaky :)

Pretty flowers and bottle brush on my walk up Ballyhoo (where I got soaking wet in the rain)...believe it or not, I was the ONLY one up one else wanted to walk in the rain. It was quite refreshing... of my faves :)
Gross slug on cute yellow flower.

Salmonberries are starting to change's funny to watch my dogs eat them right off the branch...and of course, they always want the one you are going for....little pigs!

I thought this photo would turn out better, but I like it anyway.

If you look real close at this one, there are rain drops dancing on it's leaves...was so pretty!

Fireweed, barely starting to bloom....

I love this simple, yet beautiful!


  1. How cute! Those 2 boys look like twins! hahaha

  2. I love how everything is greening up and all the flowers are coming out. Gorgeous! Glad your nephews got to visit! Cute guys!

  3. That's a great picture of you and the nef's ! Are they my 2nd cousins or 1st cousins once removed or ??? I have to ask your Mom - she loves trying to figure that out :)
    Great pictures !!

  4. They are less than a year apart...really nice young men...their mother got lucky with them!

    Your mom is the one who figures all that stuff out!!! Ask her...and yes, my mother likes to TRY to figure it her something to do :)

  5. Great pics, cute nephews!! I paid my big fine last night :)
    I finished all of the JAGS currently at the library, nobody can say I don't accomplish my goals!! :)

  6. LMAO.. My lab Tug loves to pick berries too!! Salmonberries, blueberries and moss berries!! So funny how they know we're picking them and eating them, so they want to too!!!

    Can't wait for berry picking time!! Doesn't it look just beautiful when it's all green out? All we are missing is palm trees and 80 degree weather and you'd think you were in Hawaii!!!

    I need to go hiking, it's been a while... :) maybe tonight, it's nice and dry with barely any fog here in Akutan today!!

  7. It IS hilarious to watch...I'd love to watch your little ones try to jump up and eat the berries...they are at eye level to the big dogs! Too funny!

    Take pictures of your hike, I bet it's beautiful there, too when it's green!

  8. Awesome!! I didn't know they were coming up! How cool is THAT?
    Your flowers are beautiful. Can't wait to go climbing Ballyhoo with you... >;-)

  9. It is the coolest to see my adorable nephews in Dutch Harbor....would LOVE to see my beautiful cousins out here too!

    I really need a hiking partner....Eider is NOT the best conversationalist, you know ;) So, you just say the word, Mj..and we will start saving miles....