Saturday, August 29, 2009

I never knew carrots could be so YUMMY!

Cora treated me to one of her homegrown carrots this morning...I must say I have NEVER tasted a better carrot (didn't even have to dip it in Ranch dressing!) She will be sharing with the kids today at Story Time, so I was only allowed one (I wanted more :)
I haven't been blogging wonderful husband has been home for the last two weeks. A totally unexpected surprise! We have been pretty lucky with our time he is leaving tomorrow for 5-6 weeks! I will miss him sooooo much....
Hope everyone is having a great weekend...lots of stuff happening in town this weekend...Alaska Legistators are here, annual Women's conference is going on at the Grand today AND alot of events celebrating the 100th anniversary of Alaska Maritime Refuge are happening. Wish I didn't have to work today, so I could join in all the fun...but someone's gotta work :)


  1. I get carrots like that and purple ones too in my organic boxes! Never had any grown here though! Does she grow them in her greenhouse??

  2. I am not a carrot fan but these are gorgeous! Glad you are getting some hubby time! But sorry you had to work instead of attending all the big events around town. :(

  3. Purple ones? Hmmmm....
    yes, she grew them in her greenhouse....and they really are sweet! Carrots aren't my favorite either, BUT if they all tasted like that, I'd eat alot more of them :)