Friday, August 14, 2009

More clouds, sunsets, scenery

What a spectacular view!
I can see the runway from my apartment window....

The sunset was beautiful...

Clouds for Mj

If you look really close, you can see the plane that just landed.

A ribbon of fog!

Look closely at this one,'s pretty spooky....

It was so beautiful, weather-wise here yesterday....I left work early (since I came in early :) and picked Eider up. Met Mary, Buck & son Alex on Ballyhoo and started our trek to the "balls". Mary wasn't feeling great, so she waited as Alex, Buck, Eider & I ventured onward. After reaching the balls, I looked out at the water and saw whales spouting and swimming around. I hurried back down, raced home, and looked out my window. Whales were swimming around everywhere! It was incredible. They were a bit too far away to photograph....but where else on earth can you watch whales playing in your front yard? I'm sure there are other places, but I feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet.....not too many can see whales in their front yards. It was are some shots of the gorgeous cloud formations and the sunset...Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Lauri - I would never leave my picture window with such gorgeous ever-changing views as you have. Great photography! I'm amazed at the variety of wildflowers that grow there - just lovely.

  2. It's hard to pull myself away...last night, there was a clump? pod? herd? bunch? school? of dolphins jumping out of the water, playing and splashing around. Scott and I watched for a long having Sea World outside your window!

  3. Great cloud photos! We truly are lucky out here . . . cheers, steve

  4. Your pictures are fantastic! LOVing the last two. Infact, the one before the spooky is now my wallpaper...high praise, Hon! ;-D
    VERY envious of your glimpses of ocean life...just too cool.
    Beautiful, beautiful country....or island....or land......or area...... ;-)

  5. I love the dolphins/porpoises too! And the puffins...ohh otters are cute, and squirrels too-- if you look very closely...We get mama ducks and babies on the river behind our house some years. And of course the whales!! I wish I had the talent to catch any of the wildlife on camera (You and Steve got me into a reflective mood!) We ARE lucky! I even enjoy the views from other's front doors. Completely different than my views way out in the valley