Monday, March 23, 2009

Library Story

I have been trying to upload photos of my sister Sherrie's 50th b-day party...but can't upload from here (big surprise) so.....

When I first started working at the library, it was housed in the Burma Rd. chapel...nice building but very small....anyway, upstairs is where the paperback exchange shelves were located....a little boy, probably about 7 years old went upstairs and was just bosses office was around the corner at the bottom of the stairs....well this little boy had a handful of books (some hardcover, some paperbacks)...he proceeded to throw them down the bounced and landed just outside Dan's office...he was NOT happy....he read this kid the riot act about how and how not to treat books! That little boy was scared, you could see it in his eyes! I bet you anything, he has treated books with the utmost respect from that point forward. As everyone should......I called the library (today is my day off) and told my co-worker to write this particular patron's name down, and to place a ban on his library account.....thanks for bringing this to light, CB! It's hard enough to keep a good selection of material in the library (alot of things are stolen, believe it or not)'s people like CB that restore faith in human beings.........

Stay tuned for some really fun photos of the birthday party.....Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. Thanks for the post and CB's followers were unhappy to see a thrown away library book!!!

  2. Hey some of us care about the DVDs there too :) I'm sort of hard on books I admit, I love them to death, haul them to the gym and on trips all over and leave them in my car for times when I'm waiting for kids....but I BUY them and they're mine! I could never resell a textbook. But those people that loose/steal DVDs from the library ohhhhhh I would read them the riot act if I ever knew who they were!!!

  3. Good post - keep the library stories coming! Hey do you guys take donations? I mean, what the heck - you could give us followers in the lower 48 a list of, let's say DVD's that are in need and we could ship them to you. Books would probably be way too expensive, but I find all kinds of good DVD's in the second hand stores all the time.