Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fox photo for Lori

Here is my fox....I was eating my leftover lunch from yesterday (1/2 of a turkey/tortilla wrap) when I noticed fox eyeballs on me. I grabbed my camera and cut up 1/2 of MY 1/2 and threw it out for him.....FINALLY I got a not-too-blurry photo....isn't he cute?


  1. You have black foxes!!!! Mr Fox is so handsome and an interesting change from the red ones we get here in England. I have never seen a black one before!

  2. Yes, he is adorable! We have red ones, too....and a couple of blondies (the colors change with the seasons, it seems)....I'll try to capture all the different ones and post them for your enjoyment...I hope to visit England someday :)

  3. Hey Lauri - thanks for the shout out! Great fox pic - it enlarges nicely so you can really see the detail. Do all you guys always carry a camera on the hip? I guess I would too if I lived there and blogged. Is the snow all gone now? That one pic of Elmo in the background (previous post)is awesome of the snow covered mountain!

    Well, I'm off for some R&R at Disney - I'll be back on the 23rd. Have a wonder week!