Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are you HAPPY now, CB?

This is what I want the weather to be doing.

It's all CB's fault that our spring weather has sprung back into WINTER! I'm happy you got your wish, CB...but let's warm it up a little, k? Thanks!
Saturday night was a BLAST....Tawnja and I had planned all week to go to the airport for drinks and pulltabs...We donated ALOT to that pulltab benefits the local Lions Club, so we didn't mind losing that much. Okay, I'm lying, we were pissed! LOL I know, I know, that's why it's called gambling....after losing our money and having a few drinks...we decided to grab a cab and head over to the Unisea....had a fantastic time.....hobnobbing with the Unalaska bloggers, drinking duck farts (which I had no business drinking, I was already "gone")....but they were delicious...just ask CD...It was great seeing Martha again....I almost didn't remember her! Russell from the Time Bandit was there, I had no idea he is no longer on the TB, now a deckhand on the Wizard! Hmmmmm, I know there's a story behind that....and Crosby and Lynn....what nice guys they are!

So, my wonderful fiance is at the Tramper now (in cell phone range YAY)....offloading his fish and should be at the dock at 8PM....I get to kidnap him and take him home for about 3 hours...hmmmmm whatever will we do with that time...I'm sure we'll come up with something. I can't wait to see him. I love it when he is in cell range....that way, every little thing I can think of to call him, I do! Oh, the little things in life :) I'm going to take a drive out there in a little bit and try to snap some photos of the Warrior tied up to the tramper....I'll post them if I am successful...


  1. I wanted MORE SNOW!! I could actually do without the super cold we are having. Boilers and heaters are going off all over Unisea. NOT Fun!
    After 3 years in Florida I love winter Soooooo Much though that I really will not complain.......Much.
    Think of it this way Lauri, just wait till I get in the mood for Spring and Summer, Like I was the other week when it went up to 50 degrees that one day! I am thinking winter for at least a week yet though.......

  2. Still, It does sound fun! I wish someone would cancel our spring and give us cold weather!!! we were up in the 60s again!!! too hot!

  3. I like the extreme weather, I will admit...I just like being inside while it's happening (especially when it's sooooo cold)....I came here from California, as most of you I really appreciate winter too!

  4. The cold and the wind and the itty bitty bit of snow are quite refreshing. Unfortunatly the cold air deflates my frickin bike tires...I actually had to put gas in my truck today and I am not happy about that but I'll deal.

    Have fun with the man tonight and don't break him!

  5. Ah, CB got his wish! Oh, and hey, I think you may have given away a spoiler regarding Russell - well, maybe not, but I didn't know that. Knowing DC, we may never know the "real" sorry behind it. We'll just have to wait and see. Did you have fun (snicker, snicker) with the hubby? LOL!