Thursday, March 5, 2009

CB's storm and the Plague?

I talked to CB (when he gave me the SleepMD) and we were commenting on our unseasonably warm weather....he was pretty upset because he wants just one more good storm...well, we had a little one (I hope for his sake, we get one more GOOD one)'s pretty out right now, a light dusting on the mountains, and the sun decided to show it's face....I have to tell you, I moved here in Oct. 1998 from Los Angeles.....I was working 3 jobs (A.C. store, Museum of the Aleutians (before it was built) AND the Unalaska Historic Preservation Commission)....I was gone from early morning until late at night. It sucked, but I was new in town and needed the money. My dog, Elmo, was NOT happy with me...One night I came home to find he had packed up all of his stuff, along with one of my pillows and had it stacked up by the front door as if to say "I'm moving out, you don't spend any time with me anymore"...I was like, okay, fine you can move out, but you are NOT taking my pillow! The next day I quit one of my jobs and started coming home at a reasonable hour. Elmo decided not to move out. Anyway, that first winter was the worst winter Unalaska had seen in 50 years! Or so the elders told me. I am from LA....I thought, I can't do this, I barely had winter clothes, mini-skirts and tank tops were my wardrobe...I really had to scramble and find warmer clothes (I had a few warm things, that were layered over my LA clothes)....Well, I made it through that winter....and fell in love with this place that first second winter here was even worse than the first! 19 feet of snow accumulated....I felt like I was living in a snow maze (The Shining, style) YIKES! But I made it through that one, too. And the summers here so make up for even the worst weather. I guess my point never know what the weather is going to do keep the faith, CB!

I was reading Alena's blog and have to say I finally had to sucumb to my illness and take the day off yesterday, as I was feverish, nauseous and felt all-around ICKY! The entire library staff, except Cora are sick......Cora had to come in and work a full shift on her day off yesterday. I would have taken today off too, but Annamarie and Peat are both sick. Annamarie will come in late, so that she can close. So, to our local readers, we will try to provide the basic services, but can't guarantee a sunny disposition.....we'll try, of course, but we are not feeling good....our apologies in advance....

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Poor Lauri! How is it I'm escaping the plague?? I just jinxed myself I fear! I'm around sick people all day too and my oldest son has goes on & on....

    I moved here in '98 too! Wow those were wild winters! My daughter was tiny and the boys were pretty young too. It was hard to get my car (yes car...ughh never again) free of snow and ice to go anywhere! Then my parking lot would be a disaster too. I got hit with my door and had a cut across the bridge of my nose while putting the baby in her car seat AND we were trying to do to Disney World in '99 the jet made it didn't make it out! We sat there for 4 hours and were sent home until the next day! We couldn't even see when driving home that afternoon.
    Get better!!

  2. I thought I had avoided it too, until I mentioned it...yes, I'm afraid you jinxed yourself...I even knocked on wood after I said it! LOL I do feel a little better, yesterday I was in a Nyquil induced coma almost all day...

    I remember it being an adventure just getting to my truck in those, it was hard. Then having to come home during those blizzards so Elmo could go outside and do his business, driving ANYWHERE was a major's a miracle I didn't end up stuck in a drift somewhere only to be discovered in the spring. Thanks God for looking out for me! (I will look for photos I have from that time and if found, will post)

    And cookie, I hope and pray you avoid getting's no fun, especially when you HAVE to be at work...

  3. One more thing...I REALLY like "extreme weather"! :)

  4. Me too! I love it. Especially extremely hot temps in FEB and MAR hehe... nahhhh storms are FUN! My kids are older and tougher (and I have 3 bait shovels YAY I never shovel) we don't have pets to worry about. We live on a flat, paved road with a HUGE driveway...we have it so much easier than most.
    Yeah...I usually get sick when I travel to JNU in the spring with school board...that's fun --NOT

  5. SOOOOOO Not a big enough storm for me!!! I want FEET of snow, not that miserly 1/4 inch that we got today!!!
    Sorry you are feeling Ill. I got over mine in about a day, so have some others, but some are still in the "Sick" of it.
    Hope you getr over it quick

  6. Cool story this morning! Cars? I have always wondered "what" kind of cars you guys have up there? Mostly trucks, right? OK, here's your laugh for the day - would my BMW make it up there? LOL!

    Snow - yes, more snow for CB (and pics for me!)

  7. There are all types...but MOSTLY truck for sure...ugly white trucks seem to be the #1 choice-- we once had 3 of them ourselves....we're down to 2 and a gorgeous newish black one. I did have a hand-me-down Taurus when we moved here. That was a joke and we got rid of it after a year. I have a RAV and it suits me fine (I have no depth perception I'm never driving my husband's giant truck if I can avoid it)