Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks and a few notes

First of all, I want to thank CB for the SleepMD...I took some last night, and was gently drifting off to sleep, unfortunately the elephants upstairs decided to have a circus at 11:00PM...I finally had to call the police...who showed up at 11:15, asked them to keep the noise down...okay, drift off again ALMOST, 15 minutes later, they are doing laundry! They were up all night long, banging around....I have had it! I called my landlord and asked that they do something about this. It's either us or them! I'll keep you all posted....

Second, Congratulations to Catina, Brandon and Auntie Katherine, and hi to little Hayden!...really happy to hear everyone is healthy and happy! Can't wait to see the little guy....

Thirdly, the Polar Bear Run (walk) was alot of fun, it was great to see everyone, and it's the first time in a long time that the weather has been decent. It was really cold, but not like years past. Congrats to everyone who finished. I had Eider with me and he is not easy to control on a leash (too much excitement, I guess) At least he didn't poop right in the middle of the raceway, whew! My BFF Jan, Eider, her granddaughter Addilynn and I walked as far as little Addi's legs would take her and then went back to watch the "real entrants" cross the finish line.

Fourth and last of all....my honey will be home tonight....so hopefully my lack of sleep tonight will be for a different reason, wink wink!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hey there - read your previous post about not getting enough sleep. I've had the same problem, chalk it up to various reasons I won't go in to here, but I finally had my dr. prescribe Lunestra. I have tried Ambien, but do not like it (I felt groggy in the morning), so I tried the Lunestra and love it. You will fall into a deep sleep, probably within 15-30 minutes of taking it and if you wake up in the middle of the night, you fall right back to sleep. Absolutely, no side effects for me and even though my body says I "could" sleep longer in the morning, I get up with no problem and function great! Believe me, I'm not one to take meds either, but with all that I encounter not being able to sleep and having to get up very early three days a week, I needed something; otherwise, I was a basket case by Thursday and Friday was no fun. And then, I just wanted to sleep in on the weekends, which is no fun either, as the best part of the day is morning right now in FL!

    WINK - WINK - no sleep tonight though - LOL!

  2. Hi Lori, sorry for the delay in responding....I've been a very busy girl! Every sleep med (rx OR OTC) has left me feeling really icky in the morning...it's a real dilema in that, do I want to sleep good OR do I want to feel good in the morning? I'd rather sleep and be a little groggy if those are my only choices. I'm going to ask my doctor about Lunesta....my BFF just got an rx for Sonata, I think...have you heard of that? I finally got a good (well, better) night's sleep last night, only because I was soooo tired from the fiance being home the night before.. wink wink LOL....thanks for your advice and I'll let you know what happens. Have a great day!

  3. Hey there - yes, I have heard of Sonata, but haven't tried it. It's on my list of substitutes if the insurance co doesn't pay for the Lunestra (but they did). That's the way Ambien made me feel in the morning - groggy. The Lunestra makes me want to go back to sleep, but as long as I get up, I'm fine. Anyway, no sleep now or very little -wink, wink - enjoy the weekend.