Thursday, February 26, 2009


Every time I hear about a boat in distress, my heart sinks and my stomach is in's been almost a year (Mar. 23rd) since that awful phone call telling my sister that the Ranger is sinking. I'll never forget that horrible morning...especially when the news came that Capt. Pete Jacobsen and Mate David Silveira perished. It still brings tears to my eyes. Sherrie's birthday is Mar. 24th, the day after the Ranger went down. We will try to celebrate her 50th this year....all the while celebrating the lives of those lost on that Easter morning. Rest in Peace, dear friends.

So, my heart soared when we found out that the whole crew of the Icy Mist were back on dry land, the Coast Guard is amazing in my book and when I run into a group of them, I always try to thank them for protecting us and saving our friends' lives.

Yesterday's wind storm was crazy! I have been reading about all the happenings due to the wind. Steve's blog, CB's blog, April in Akutan. WOW...I was pretty sheltered here at the library, didn't even want to go outside.....thank God no one was injured, it's a miracle in itself, with all the stuff flying around. Today more than makes up for's is spectacular. I'll try to get out and take some photos of the beauty today......if I don't we can all rely on CB and Steve to capture it for us :)

I'm pretty proud of the award presented to the library. I didn't even know we were nominated, or that we were way up there until Pipa from Channel 8 came over and interviewed Dan....she pointed the camera at me, and I had to remind her, I do not like to be filmed. She immediately panned the camera down to my fingers which were furiously typing away on my computer. Don't know if they made it onto Flash Unalaska. The City Council gave our library a framed 49 star flag as our "award"...we asked for another 1/2 time person, (I wanted a raise ;), we got a flag. Go figure. I started working for Dan Masoni in Nov. 1998....the library was located in the Burma Road Chapel...we had 2 shelves of books & 4 really crappy computers (we now have 15 internet access computers)....we moved to this building in August of 1999. Our library is bursting with books, DVDs, VHS (YES, I said VHS!), kids movies, kids books, magazines, newspapers....we are passport acceptance agents, notary publics....not to mention, TWIC information central. It's alot more than checking out books and my boss and the people I work with are amazing. So, thanks for the shout-out, Steve!

I'll write more later, just hadn't posted for awhile and had to get some things out there. Have a great day, everyone!

(I FINALLY got a good night's sleep last night....the fiance was in town night before last, we didn't get much sleep, I was dog-tired last night, I think I got 6 full hours YAY!)


  1. I love our library! I was so impressed when I came out to visit before moving here and went in to use the internet. I am not sure what I expected but this was way beyond what I would have imagined for a small town. The staff are GREAT, I remember we had a very cool documentary film series a couple of years ago that was funded by some sort of grant, we use the rooms for meetings and classes all the time. So glad you were recognized--it's very well deserved! Thanks for all you do! Wow, I would have liked to have seen that 1998 space!! :)

    The weather was crazy and we're all really grateful that no lives were lost. I know it has been so hard to lose people you care about.

    Glad you got some rest!!

  2. Kudos to you and the Library! Interesting story you posted about how far the library has branched out. If I ever visit Unalaska, I will be sure to stop by.....glad you're having better weather - now off to Steve's blog. Enjoy your time with the hubby before he has to leave again!