Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sleepless in Dutch

I haven't slept for days! I am a sleeper, I love to sleep....I have maybe had 5 hours in the last 5 days, so very unlike me. Thursday night I took a Unisom (they always help) at 9:30pm, by 11:30pm, I was still tossing and I took ANOTHER Unisom....nothing...I lay awake all night. On Friday morning I got up, showered and was lost! I could NOT function, so I took the day off, thinking I could really get some sleep...I was sooooo tired...I absolutely could not sleep. Last night, Friday, I think I got about 2 hours of real sleep...only reason I think that is, I remember dreaming...Am I going through menopause? Do I have too much on my mind? Am I stressed out? I don't know the answer. I just know that if I don't get some sleep soon, I am going to lose it.

Exercise might help? I walked up Ballyhoo Thursday after work with the dogs, so that didn't help....going to try walking again tonight, then I am going to stay at my sister's house (in my old room)....and see if a change of scenery will help. Maybe heavy drinking will help, I know I will pass out and not get the REM that is essential to one's well-being, but unconsciousness sounds so delish! I will be walking in the Polar Bear run tomorrow, sleep or not! (Unless the weather is really crappy, right Gigi?)

Today started out really icky, weather-wise, but it's pretty nice out right now. I have about 55 minutes until I get off work....things could change drastically by then. Pray that it doesn't...and pray that I can get some sleep tonight (my next post could get ugly, if not)!



  1. You MUST Try Sleep MD. I have terrible insomnia and it is the one thing that works for me, without side effects. Tylonel Pm, and all the rest can actually lead to restlss leg syndrom. They sell it at the Eagle on the very top shelfin a blue box. If you can not find it or they are out right behind the sleep section on the other side of the asile in the vitamins and suppliment section near the top shelf is the melatonin. If all of that does ot work give me a call at the hotel on Sunday and I will bring you some of my supply of Sleep MD. BEST SLEEP EVER!! and it does not leae you feeling wiped out in the morning either!!

  2. Steve and I will be walking in the Polar Bear Run tomorrow too - we hope to see you there!

  3. Gigi and I will be there! We signed up, we want to earn that hoodie... I guess a blogger's walk is healthier than a blogger's brunch!

    Lauri, I sometimes can't sleep until late, but usually sleep like a log (my husband usually has to take the book off my face as I fall asleep like that) Maybe you could watch a dull show (you guys DO have some there!) on DVD? I don't get stressed about not sleeping I just watch TV for a few more hours :) not regular TV with awful infomercials...LOL that set of Catherine Cookstone movies the library has are terribly boring, I'm sure they'd put anyone to sleep.
    Hope you can relax tonight and I see you tomorrow at the walk. I wish this afternoon's spring-like weather would hold!

  4. gonna have to look into the sleep md CB. i have RLS and it sucks. Good luck getting some rest!

  5. Weather looks great for Polar Bear WALK! See you there.

    No fun not to sleep. I have always been a great sleeper, too, but mine is much worse since hitting menopause. Using little techniques to clear your mind and let go of the day can be helpful (we can talk...). I don't like meds so I try everything else...but a lot of mine is just physical discomfort, hot and cold, night sweats, can't get comfy, etc. so I have to work harder at getting to sleep or back to sleep since I tend to keep waking up these days. Stress or too much on your mind definitely affects sleep...relaxation tapes or CD's can really help with that.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I actually slept last night thanks to a few Absolut Citron Sunrises....but it wasn't REM sleep...It was alcohol induced...but it was sleep....I looked for Sleep MD, and they are out...I forgot to look for my BFF gave me an ambien, for tonight. I don't like to take them very much....but I'm desperate. I'd really like to try sleepMD...I HATE the after effects of Tylenol PM and Unisom,I had really bad RLS after taking that the other just feel icky all the next day. So thanks again! I may call you tomorrow CB, borrow some of yours and order some from Really appreciate all of you. Goodnight & Sweet Dreams