Friday, February 27, 2009

Fox who lost his socks

I went to check the book drop this morning and noticed two little white items in the grass...upon closer inspection, I realized it's a pair of socks. Okay, I know the tomorrow we are celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday here at the library.......and it makes for a good rhyme...but how in the world did a pair of socks get there? How does one lose their socks? If anyone is missing a pair of socks, they are here....I will be tossing them into the garbage soon, so claim them fast if they are yours...if you do attempt to claim them, before they will be released to you, you MUST tell the story of how they came to be there. Thanks!
BTW....HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday :) to Goldfish.....hope it was terrific! What are you now...25????


  1. LOL! Too funny - I enlarged your pics prior to reading your blog. Must have flew there? The second pics of the cats amoung the debris (it apparently flew there?) - is quite interesting too! Enjoy Dr. Seuss day and have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Lori,
    I'm curious as to how they got there....also, those are foxes, not cats (or did I miss some humor there?)That debris is ALWAYS there, thanks to one of our local processing plants...I won't name names, though!

    Dr. Seuss b-day is alot of fun here....some locals put on Cat in the Hat play, there will be cake...and I am making almost 100 deviled eggs (green eggs of course)...hopefully I can share some pics!

  3. Hey! That's not debris! That's treasure! :o) Thanks for not naming names . . . . .

  4. Those fox are SO CUUUTE (though I thought they were cats, too!) Pretty, even.
    I'm wondering...when does that junk get gone? Is it just dumped or waiting for disposal? How does the island handle this mess?
    Played catch up on your blogs...LOVE THEM! Keep 'em coming...
    Luv ya! ;-)

  5. They're foxes - when I enlarge the pic, it's a little blurry so I really had to take a good look at it. Wow, they look so much like cats. Debris/treasure - OK Steve, too funny!

  6. I know the pics are kinda blurry...sorry :( Not only do they resemble cats, they bare their teeth and hiss like them too. These two particular foxes are pretty tame compared to others I have encountered....I just have to remember, they are wild animals...and refrain myself from reaching out and petting them! And to Steve, it is a "neat" pile of crap, oops I mean treasure.

  7. I would want to pet them too!

    LOL! (on your comment to Steve)