Monday, February 16, 2009


LMAO....okay, it must be me.....are my photos too big? Some of them upload, and some don't..I'm pretty computer literate (yeah right, some of you are saying)....I'm gonna try again. Do I need to photoshop them and make them smaller? I just don't know. I'll keep trying. Keep checking back, please. CB, HELP!!!!!!


  1. If you make them smaller, they pretty much will always load. How big are the files? There are just times I have to give up and go to bed, don't let it bum you out. It's been behaving pretty well lately, actually! Great pics, I wish I would have gone to you the Christmas party, it looks like fun.

  2. I'll try making them smaller....or take your advice, give up and go to bed....You are right, it HAS been better, I think it's just me! You are absolutely invited to our next Christmas party, they are really fun, especially when we break out the Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit or Cranium. Would love to have you and Goldfish.