Friday, October 24, 2008

There are perks to living in such a small town...for example, my work (library) is only 3 miles from my home....there are 2 stop signs that I must stop at on the way to work. Rush hour consists of having to wait for more than 2 cars to pass....however, once in awhile I do experience road rage. The maximum speed limit here is 30 mph, and when there is someone (usually a taxi) in front of me going slower than 30 mph, I feel enraged. hahaha I commuted for years from Lancaster, CA to Los Angeles, 60 miles one way in bumper to bumper me, I know about road rage. When I start feeling that rage build up inside me, all I have to do, is gaze out over the mountains, or at the moon shining on the water and all negative feelings leave is so beautiful here, raw beauty at it's finest. The photos I attached to this post were taken from the top of Ballyhoo (as close to the top as I could get without actually climbing a mountain ;)....I take my dogs up there every night, it benefits me as well as them.

I also ran into my friend Stein (Eric) Nyhammer at the may remember him from Seasons 1 & 2 of Deadliest Catch...he is the Captain of the Rollo, and last year I believe he was on deck of the American No. 1, skippered by his (and my) friend Sten Skaar. Enjoy the photos and tune in later for more of life on the rock.

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