Saturday, October 25, 2008


In my last blog, I stated that Sten is the Captain of the American No. 1....I apologize for this as he is the Captain of the NORTH AMERICAN....I ran into Sten and Eric at the airport at lunch today, and asked him the name of his boat. Embarassingly, I told him I wrote that he was the skipper of the American No. 1....but that I would correct it immediately. So, there ya go. Here is a picture of the three of us taken today....Eric and Sten are two of my favorite people. Nice guys!


  1. Youuuuzzzz (that's Balwmerese for "you're") just rubbin' elbows w/ the best of 'em, ain'tchya???
    :-D Very cool.
    I'm not a 4 year fan of DC but I do recognize Eric. Sten I watched last season and my heart just broke when the storm (Hurricane?) tore the heck out of his boat!
    Is he back crabbing this year?
    Oh yea, nice pic of you, Lauribelle. ;-)

  2. Yes, Sten is back crabbing this year....NOT on Deadliest Catch, though.....