Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spiders, bugs and snakes

I've been asked about spiders, bugs & snakes living on the of my favorite things about living here is that there aren't any snakes, very few spiders and not too many bugs. I've found some pretty scary looking spiders in my bathtub, and some scattered bugs around, but NOTHING compared to the lower 48. There are no snakes (that I'm aware of)...there are flies, and they are HUGE...bumble bees are gigantic here, and mosquitos are quite large also. There are rats (big ones) from what I've heard, but luckily I have NEVER seen one. There are foxes, eagles, ravens, some really cute ducks.....adorable otters, an ocassional whale, lots and lots of sea lions, and porpoise (porpi?). I took this photo at the spit, Elmo (my dog), Eider and Rio (Sherrie's puplets) and Scott (love of my life). Enjoy and keep checking back for further adventures of my life on the rock.

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