Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm back from my weekend...'twas a very quiet one, so this will be a very short blog. Yesterday morning, it was so beautiful, calm, a little cool, but pretty nonetheless. I decided to wait til it got light, then take the dogs up the mountain for some fresh air and fun. My camera failed to capture the magnificence of the white mountains against the crystal clear blue sky, but I've attached some photos anyway, use your imaginations please. I hope you enjoy them. I also hope something exciting and fun will happen. I like to keep my readers entertained. Some good news I would like to share.....my soon-to-be husband is back from fishing. He will be home (really home) tomorrow morning, for now he is docked along side a tramper, offloading his catch. I'm very excited to have him home....Yipppeeeee!

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